Thank You For Disrupting

Book description

The business ideas and innovation philosophies of the world’s great entrepreneurs—for anyone to implement in any business

Steve Jobs. Jeff Bezos. Larry Page. Sergey Brin. Zhang Ruimin. Marc Benioff. Millions of words have been written about the great entrepreneurs of the world. This book is not about describing their achievements. Nor is it about their charisma, personal trials, or their place in popular culture. We have all heard or read about them already. This book is about the entrepreneur, the thinker. It is about the grand ideas, the disruptive thoughts, the innovative underpinnings and business philosophies that gave rise to their achievements. 

Thank You For Disrupting: The Disruptive Business Philosophies of The World’s Great Entrepreneurs examines 20 of the most significant business leaders of our time. Author Jean-Marie Dru, himself a disruptor who coined the term decades ago, explains not only the impact these leaders have had on their own companies, but also their immense influence on the business world as a whole. Each chapter is replete with in-depth analyses, insightful comments, and personal observations from the author, including discussions covering the experimentation and platforms of Jeff Bezos, to the recruitment policies and core values of Sergey Brin and Larry Page, to the complete CSR and company activism of Paul Polman, and many more. Illustrating how the vision of a disruptive innovator can reach far beyond his or her company, this engaging book encourages and inspires readers to become disruptors in in their own businesses.

The Disruptive Business Philosophies of The World’s Great Entrepreneurs is a must-read for anyone interested in the why and how behind the most significant and influential business achievements of our time. 

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Introduction: Thank You for Disrupting
  3. Part One: Disruptive Company Leadership
    1. Chapter 1. Steve Jobs: On User Experience, Design and Timelessness
      1. All in One
      2. The Art of Reduction
      3. Life Lessons
      4. Notes
    2. Chapter 2. Jeff Bezos: On Experimentation and Platforms
      1. Experimentation as a Strategy
      2. The Platform Economy
      3. Notes
    3. Chapter 3. Herb Kelleher: On Human Resources and Operational Quality
      1. Employees First
      2. The Art Is in the Implementation
      3. Notes
    4. Chapter 4. Bernard Arnault: On the Management of Creativity and Brand Building
      1. Art and Commerce
      2. The Luxury Industry as Model
      3. Notes
    5. Chapter 5. Zhang Ruimin: On Decentralization and Customer-Centricity
      1. Everyone Is a CEO
      2. Zero Distance with the Customer
      3. Notes
    6. Chapter 6. Jack Ma: On Chinese Business Models and Disruptive Management
      1. A Contrarian Model
      2. Embracing Change through Paradox
      3. U.S. In, China Out
      4. Notes
  4. Part Two: Disruptive Business Thinking
    1. Chapter 7. Jim Collins: On the Search for Excellence and the Management of Alternatives
      1. Good to Great
      2. The Era of the And
      3. Notes
    2. Chapter 8. Clayton Christensen: On Disruptive Innovation
      1. Bottom-up Disruption
      2. The Disruption Controversy
      3. Notes
    3. Chapter 9. Jedidiah Yueh: On the Behaviors of Companies of the New Economy
      1. Lessons from an Entrepreneur
      2. Category of One
      3. Notes
  5. Part Three: Disruptive Corporate Culture
    1. Chapter 10. Sergey Brin and Larry Page: On Recruitment Policies and Core Values
      1. HR as a Science
      2. A Fertile Environment
      3. Notes
    2. Chapter 11. Patty Mccord: On Employee Empowerment and Talent Management
      1. Disruptive HR Practices
      2. A Contrasting Culture
      3. Notes
    3. Chapter 12. The Disruption Company: On Corporate Culture Components and Disruption
      1. Vision, Values, Practices
      2. People, Story, Place
      3. The Disruption Methodology
      4. Notes
  6. Part Four: Disruptive Brand Building
    1. Chapter 13. Marc Pritchard: On Transparency, Accountability, and Creativity
      1. Leading Change in the Marketing World
      2. Making Brands Serve a Higher Purpose
      3. Notes
    2. Chapter 14. Brian Chesky: On Brand Building and Disruptive Data
      1. Shaping an Iconic Brand
      2. The Single Disruptive Data
      3. Notes
    3. Chapter 15. Lee Clow: On the Power of Great Advertising
      1. Big Brand Ideas
      2. Creativity, the Advertiser’s Best Bet
      3. Notes
    4. Chapter 16. Oprah Winfrey: On Building a One-Person Brand
      1. The Ultimate Celebrity Brand
      2. The One-Person Businesses
      3. Notes
    5. Chapter 17. Arianna Huffington: On Digital Journalism and Women’s Empowerment
      1. The Consecration of Online Journalism
      2. Women in Business
      3. Notes
  7. Part Five: Disruptive Social Purpose
    1. Chapter 18. Paul Polman: On Complete CSR and Corporate Activism
      1. A Force for Good
      2. CEO Activism
      3. Notes
    2. Chapter 19. Emmanuel Faber: On Social Purpose and the Bottom of the Pyramid
      1. Side Roads
      2. The Bottom of the Pyramid
      3. Notes
    3. Chapter 20. Marc Benioff and Suzanne Dibianca: On Scaling Up Philanthropy
      1. A Native Philanthropist
      2. Pledge 1%
      3. Notes
  8. Conclusion
  9. Acknowledgments
  10. Index
  11. End User License Agreement

Product information

  • Title: Thank You For Disrupting
  • Author(s): Jean-Marie Dru
  • Release date: June 2019
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781119575658