Appendix A

Instruction Sets

  • Baseline PIC 174–175
  • Comparison Table 176–177
  • 10F2xx 178–180
  • 12F519 181–183
  • 16F6xx 184–186
  • 18Fxxxx 187–193

Baseline PIC MCU Instruction Set

This applies to the PIC10F2xx, PIC12C5xx, PIC12F5xx, PIC16C5xx, and PIC16F5xx families.

MneumonicOperandsDescriptionCycles12-Bit Opcode (MSB…LSB)Status AffectedNotes
Byte-oriented operations
ADDWFf,dADD W with f0001 11df ffffC,DC,Z1,2,4
ANDWFf,dAND W with f10001 01df ffffZ2,4
CLRFfClear f10000 011f ffffZ4
CLRWClear W10000 0100 0000Z
COMFf,dComplement f10010 01df ffffZ
DECFf,dDecrement f10000 11df ffffZ2,4
DECFSZf,dDecrement f, Skip if 01(2)0010 11df ffffNone2,4
INCFf,dIncrement f10010 10df ffffZ2,4
INCFSZf,dIncrement f, Skip if 01(2)0011 11df ffffNone2,4
IORWFf,dInclusive OR W with f10001 00df ffff ...

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