List of Figures

Figure 1 Push and Pull—Sales and Operations Process
Figure 2 Digital Supply Chain—Interconnected
Figure 3 Supply Chain Control Tower
Figure 4 MHI 2018 Survey Results: Company Challenges
Figure 5 Example: Product Dimension Hierarchy
Figure 6 Example: Star Schema ‐ Forecast Dimensions
Figure 7 Traditional Data Flow—Supply Chain Analytics
Figure 8 Data Lake ‐ Data for Demand Forecasting
Figure 9 High‐level Lambda Architecture Design
Figure 10 Hybrid Modern Data Flow—Supply Chain Analytics
Figure 11 DDPP Model—Types and Maturity of Analytics
Figure 12 Microsoft AI Example—High Level
Figure 13 Microsoft AI Services Example
Figure 14 Demand‐Driven Forecasting and IoT
Figure 15 Demand Shaping—Personalized Recommendations
Figure 16 DDSC Benefits All Participants—BCG, 2012
Figure 17 Databerg and Dark Data
Figure 18 Random Walk Forecast Example
Figure 19 Sales and Seasonal Random Walk Forecast Example
Figure 20 SAS Demand‐Driven Planning and Optimization Example
Figure 21 Combining Cloud + Data + Advanced Analytics
Figure 22 Benefits of Demand‐Driven Supply Chain
Figure 23 Time Line for Cloud Computing—Part 1
Figure 24 Time Line for Cloud Computing—Part 2
Figure 25 Traditional Server and Server Virtualization
Figure 26 Data Center Virtualization—Transformation
Figure 27 Virtual Machines Compared to Containers
Figure 28 Data Stored in Data Centers, 2016–2021, Cisco GCI
Figure 29 IT Systems to Benefit from Big Data ...

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