Appendix 3. Feedback interview document

What is this?

  • A record of a conversation the coach has had on behalf of the coachee.

What does it do?

  • Gathers feedback on the strengths and development areas of a coachee.

  • Gathers perceptions of the coachee from people the coachee has nominated for feedback.

  • Provides the coachee with additional sources of reflection or observation that may help their development.

  • Helps raise the self-awareness of the coachee.

When might I use it?

  • In the early stages of a coaching assignment, e.g. after the first session, or indeed any time the coachee feels the information is relevant/useful.

Collecting feedback on someone’s behalf must be done sensitively and as openly as possible. Interviewees must be aware that the document will ...

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