Chapter One

1 A detailed analysis of the rise and fall of DEC is in Schein, E. H., et al., 2003.
2 This story is based on extensive interviews with Richard Beckhard, who was one of the main consultants to the project, and members of the P & G project team.
3 Roth, G., 1993.
4 Snook, S. A., 2000.
5 Gerstein, M., 2008; Vaughan, D., 1996.
6 Martin, J., & Siehl, C., 1983.
7 Salk, J., 1997.

Chapter Three

1 Cameron, K. S., & Quinn, R. E., 1999; Goffee, R., & Jones, G., 1998.
2 In a longitudinal study of careers, it was found that people develop a self-concept of what drives their career and constrains career choices (Schein, 2006). Eight anchors were identified: Autonomy, Security, Technical/Functional Competence, General Managerial Competence, ...

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