Spoken Languages

Remember earlier we said that you can write your Gherkin features in the spoken language of your stakeholders? Here’s how.

Putting a # language: comment on the first line of a feature file tells Cucumber which spoken language that feature is written in. If you omit this header, Cucumber will default to English, as you’ve already seen.

Here’s an example of a feature written in Norwegian:

# language: no​​​
Egenskap:​ Summering
For å unngå at firmaet går konkurs
Må regnskapsførerere bruke en regnemaskin for å legge sammen tall​​
Scenario:​ to tall​​
Gitt ​at jeg har tastet inn 5​​
Og ​at jeg har tastet inn 7​​
Når ​jeg summerer​​
​skal resultatet være 12

If you’re wondering whether Cucumber knows ...

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