Appendix C

Satisfaction Survey for a Finance Team

Initially, once a year and then twice a year, run a statistically based sample survey on your in-house customers. Send them the survey set out in this appendix. The key features are:

  • Ask two open-ended questions that will generate most of the benefit for the survey: “What are the three things we do well?” and “What are the three things we can improve on?” Never ask about the problems, as half of them will not be fixable.
  • Categorize all responses to these questions in a database and sort out by positive comments and suggestions for improvement.
  • Use a five-point scale.
  • Separate out accounting system dramas from the services your team provides by asking a series of system-related questions.
  • Send them by email or use a web-based survey package as sourced from
  • Never ask questions you will not act on.
  • Make the questionnaire simple and able to be completed in 10 minutes.


The purpose of the user satisfaction survey is to aid the finance team to deliver a quality service. In this questionnaire we are seeking to investigate your satisfaction with your relationship with the finance team since ______. Your response will help us make sure we deliver a quality service.

Your response (in the shaded areas) will help us make sure we deliver a quality service. The comment fields are a very helpful part of a feedback to the finance team. Please invest time in making the comments ...

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