I am convinced that corporate accountants, as professionals, want to leave a legacy before they move on. To be remembered they need to have made a permanent improvement to the organization.

Many finance teams are merely processing machines, moving from one deadline to the next, having too little time to invest in being a business partner to budget holders and senior management.

I know this from observation and my own personal experience.


This book is a third version, as it follows on from Pareto's 80/20 Rule for Corporate Accountants and Winning CFOs: Implementing and Applying Better Practices. The book has been restructured to facilitate easier implementation and is accompanied with a 100-page toolkit. The reader can access, free of charge, a PDF of the suggested templates, checklists and templates from's_Toolkit.

The better practices in this book are ignored at your peril, as they are based on the wisdom and better practices of over 5,000 accountants whom I have met through delivering my workshops and webcasts around the world.

I would like to add that few, if any, of these practices were used by me when I was a corporate accountant; thus senior management did not shed a tear when I left the organization. It is my mission to ensure CFOs, financial controllers, and management accountants leave a legacy that remains long after they have left the organization.

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