accountability, measuring in play, 93–94

action research

methods, 171

strategic creativity and, 108


adult imagination compared with child imagination, 51–52

extending kindergarten style learning to adults, 71

grownups as contrast to, 65

people as outputs in organizations, 59

toys, 58

age demographics, tech saviness and, 192

AI (artificial intelligence), 5

Alexander, Franz, 83

altruism, points of departure and, 196

analytical (“left-brained”) thinking, 170

Ansoff, Igor, 21, 105

answers. see questions/answers

Apple Computer, 95


defined, 164

relationship with signals, 174

sports, 164–165

the trickster, 6–7

Arendt, Hannah, 152–154, 160

Aristotle, 49

The Art of Play: Helping Adults Reclaim Imagination and Spontaneity (Blatner ...

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