Becoming Tech-First – Why Adopting a “Tech-First” Mindset is Non-Negotiable

By Julien Breteau

Head of Content Marketing, Intrepid Ventures

By 2025, the consumer landscape will be predominantly digital; insurers refusing to adapt to new workplace trends won’t make the transformation and will eventually perish.

Adopting new technologies and digitizing the business is important. But an equal pillar to the company’s success is helping employees become tech-first and educating them on how technology makes processing insurance (and their work) easier.

Instead of waiting days for a response, policy-holders now get instant access to important information like claim reimbursements, health scores, and reports at the touch of a button. However, instant feedback isn’t only a must for customers, it’s a must for employees too.

Most incumbents today are focusing on digitizing the customer experience. But that’s a tiny piece of the puzzle. Almost as important, if not more important, is digitizing the employee experience.

By focusing on building for the employee as much as the customer, and by building an innovation-valuing company culture, where anyone is welcome to participate and contribute, incumbents can cement their future position in the industry.

Creating the Right Workplace

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