Chapter 15

More Shopping, Less Dropping

In This Chapter

arrow Discovering the pros and cons of shopping online

arrow Using your credit card online without fear

arrow Shopping step-by-step

arrow Finding the lowest price

arrow Finding airline tickets, books, clothes, computers, food, and mutual funds online

arrow Lots of opinions about what you should buy

We’ve gone shopping on the Internet, and we’ve gone shopping in the souq in Marrakech. The experiences were surprisingly similar except that the souq smelled more interesting and probably had more live snakes. The Internet is the world’s biggest bazaar, with stores that carry everything from books to blouses, from DVDs to prescription drugs, from mutual funds to musical instruments, and from plane tickets to, uh, specialized personal products. (Don’t read too much into that one.) Shopping online is convenient — no parking or standing in line — and you can compare prices ...

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