CHAPTER TWELVEPublic Charities and Private Foundations


(a) Institutions

p. 356, third complete paragraph, sixth line. Insert following first footnote reference:

agricultural research organizations;136.1

*(b) Publicly Supported Charities

*p. 363, note 193. Insert another §; insert , 509(a)(1) before period.

*(c) Supporting Organizations

*p. 367, fifth complete paragraph, last line. Insert footnote at end of line:

222.1 Additional requirements in connection with these integral part tests were proposed on February 18, 2016 (REG-118867-10). Final regulations concerning the payout requirements for Type III supporting organizations that are not functionally integrated with respect to their supported organizations were issued on December 21, 2015 (T.D. 9746).

*p. 369, note 238, first line. Delete of and insert semicolon.


(d) Jeopardizing Investments

p. 376. Insert as third complete paragraph:

Also, outside the context of program-related investments, private foundations may take their charitable purposes into account in formulating investment policy (mission-related investing). That is, when exercising ordinary business care and prudence in deciding whether to make an investment, foundation managers may consider all relevant facts and circumstances, including the relationship between a particular investment and the foundation's charitable ...

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