We did not write this book as much as discover it. To a large degree, it is the product of all the transitions that have influenced all the people who have ever influenced us. Throughout our careers, we have learned by doing, by watching, and by interacting with a whole range of leaders—bosses, coaches, peers, subordinates, partners, and clients. We end every PrimeGenesis interaction with two questions: What was particularly valuable? How can we make it even more valuable? It is amazing what you can learn by asking.

What you have in your hands was born of continuing to ask those questions and the realization that onboarding is a crucible of leadership. Done poorly, it results in a lot of pain for a lot of people. Done well, the benefits are amazing, positively transforming leaders, organizations, and teams.

We would need a separate book to credit all the people who have had the most positive influence on us over the years. But we must acknowledge the contributions of our past and current partners at PrimeGenesis. Their fingerprints are all over this book as we all work these ideas every day.

In particular, we thank Jorge Pedraza, who was one of the founding partners of PrimeGenesis and one of the original coauthors of this book through its first, second, and third editions. Aside from being a brilliant thought leader and team leader, Jorge is easily the best author among us. So if you're reading a passage in this book that seems particularly well written, Jorge ...

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