Don't Lose Sight of Your Success

Enjoy the wonderful journey you are about to embark upon. It is the most wonderful ride I've ever been on, and I think most of the consultants I know would say the same. Follow the processes I've outlined for you in this guide, interact with other consultants for additional support and education, and just keep walking. Remember what I said earlier: You can't control the sale, but you can control your activity. With sufficient activity—will come sales. I promise!

My closing comments to you are this. After you've established your business, after you've secured several paying clients, make sure to not lose sight of your happiness.

I think it's important to point out that just because I've chosen to focus on becoming profitable doesn't mean that profits alone equal success. In my last book, What's Your Genius, I interviewed a lot of very successful people in multiple industries. All had reached the pinnacle of success in their chosen fields. One question I asked each interviewee was “How do you define success?” The answer I got is important because in not one single case was that answer what the general public would have expected.

Most people would have expected that answer to be “the money, fame, power I've achieved.” What I heard, however, was far from that. Their definitions had nothing to do with financial success, power, control, or personal fame. In case after case, what I did hear was that their greatest success was the relationship ...

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