The Golden Rule Is Just Plain Wrong

Effective Communication = Effective Persuasion

If, when having any discussion with any prospect or client, you fail to actually communicate effectively (i.e., the words coming out of your mouth conflict with their preferred means of communicating), those words may fall on deaf ears. In fact, it's possible that your way of communicating may actually repel your prospect.

In communicating with another person, the Golden Rule (i.e., “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”) is completely wrong. As Dr. Tony Allessandra points out, “You can't always communicate with others in the way you like to be communicated with.” What you need to do is to communicate with others the way they would like to be communicated to.

Here's a basic fact. Everyone has his or her own unique communication style. Based on their natural behavioral style they prefer to receive information in a fairly specific way. Failing to understand what that style is and how you need to factor it into your communications will make a huge difference in how effectively you sell to, and even work with, your clients.

In addition to a unique communication style, everyone also has his or her own unique buying motivation. Trying to compel a prospect to buy for your reasons just doesn't work.

Both of these factors, buying style and buying motive, are at play in every single person you meet and will try to sell to. This is one of the main reasons I champion using the DISC Index and ...

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