Leadership and Organizational Coaching and Mentoring

Becoming a Learning Organization and Learning Community


In Chapter 3 you have acquired some knowledge about the theories of learning and have become aware of recent developments in positive psychology and their use as a foundation for coaching. Coaching or mentoring programmes are a natural partner of improvement within a learning organization. It works across hierarchies. It extends beyond a relationship of two people, to teams. According to our definition in Chapter 4, coaching is a process that takes people beyond organizational, community and self-imposed boundaries, into a new domain. In this chapter you will continue to explore this territory within the organizational context.

Through a couple of case studies, this chapter builds a case for developing a learning organization via introducing a coaching and mentoring agenda and explains its role in the current economic climate. You will learn how an organization can become a learning organization by implementing coaching and mentoring programmes. The term ‘organization’ has been expanded to include communities, which reflect diverse practices. You will see why mentoring and coaching are necessary; what their issues and benefits are; and how to start a coaching or a mentoring programme within your organization.

This chapter will also examine learning and change in an organization and community context, the role of structures, technology, engagement and collaboration, ...

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