2.1 Payoff of higher leadership quality

2.2 Petronas learning and development framework

4.1 What's in a name? Comparing the domain statements of three journals

5.1 Breakdown of strategy categories

5.2 Breakdown of ISM categories

6.1 Paradigm shifts in management

7.1 Major topics in IB research over time

7.2 Future research themes in IB — results of a Delphi study

8.1 The UN Global Compact 10 Principles

9.1 Classifying entrepreneurship research in IB

10.1 Schools of marketing thought

14.1 The ARCS model

17.1 Summary of IM program requirements and business schools in QS ranking

17.2 National characteristics of Southeast Asia nations

18.1 Faculty student enrolment by gender 2009/10

18.2 Modules/courses in international management, ...

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