Chapter 10. Uncharted Search Frontiers

As our connectivity and technology increases, so will the importance of how we present ourselves digitally. We have to think beyond platforms and traditional search engines and begin moving towards infinite exchanges between experiences. Omni-channel is the new expected level for marketing programs. Nearly everything in our lives in and outside the home takes place on screens now, whether it’s catching the bus, checking the weather, or finding your eye doctor’s office.

Futurists envision a world where digital technology streams all around, shaping our nonvirtual existence for the better. People will always need help to find what they want, in search engines, apps, social networks, or possibly their own glasses. Search will most definitely extend beyond the devices we’re carrying and using today. Cars have WiFi; soon they will contain Bluetooth everything and drive themselves.

Embracing Expansive Realities

Gadgets and platforms like virtual reality (VR) will create unique challenges for the SEO professional. SEO will migrate beyond the concept of a screen or search engine and become part of life. Search has already become ingrained in our daily lives in a way that could mean the difference between life and death. Devices are connected to each other and where there’s connection and WiFi plus processors in action, there’s search. Mobile phones offer location-based experiences that are increasingly different than the norm, some of which can ...

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