Accountability: lessons from Hershey Company experiences, 2729; lessons from Penobscot River restoration project, 126127; rise of corporate, 7375

Activism: investor, 7071; social, 6566, 191192

Acumen Fund, 281282

Adaptability, 268269

Adidas, 62

Affordable Care Act, 102

Age of Sustainability, 5375; basic description of, 68; communications in, 6162; empowered employees in, 6869; and expansion of social responsibilities of business, 5557; and increasing democratic participation, 5859; interdependence in, 6061; investor activism in, 7071; pioneer companies in, 5355; rise of corporate accountability in, 7375; risks and opportunities in, 145146; and sense of world imperiled, 6364; shift of power from public to private ...

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