• Tuesday, September 23

On Tuesday of the following week, Maxine arrives at work to see Kurt beaming. “I got the job,” he says exuberantly.

“Really? The Dev job?” Maxine asks.

“Yes, the Dev job!” he says, as if he can’t quite believe it himself. “It couldn’t have happened without Kirsten’s support. I’m joining the Data Hub team, and you’re coming with me.”

“That’s awesome!” Maxine says, jubilant. “How’d you get Randy to approve my reassignment?”

“Well, he wasn’t happy about losing you. He kept going on about how you’re the best thing to happen to this place since sliced bread, but . . . well, I have my ways,” Kurt says with a sly smile.

Maxine gives him a high five.

He looks around and whispers, “All the managers are talking about something ...

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