Chapter 5. Annotation Automation


Too much work? Is annotation tedious? Quality poor?

In this chapter I show you how to solve these problems with automations.

The first topic is Pre-Labeling - the idea of running a model before annotation. I’ll cover the caveats you should be aware of and step through extensions of the idea such as ‘micro-model’ labeling.

Next, Interactive Automations are when a user adds information in order to help the algorithm. For example drawing a box to automatically get a tighter location marked by a polygon. Interactive improvements are often most relevant to spatial locations - however that’s just the start. The end goal of Interactive Automations is to make tedious UI work a more natural extension of human thought.

Quality Assurance (QA) is one of the common uses of training data tools. I cover exciting new methods like using the model to debug the ground truth. Other tools ...

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