Understanding Y

Book description

The ultimate expose of the Misunderstood Millennials

Understanding Y is a fresh and incisive book that offers a better understanding, appreciation and awareness of the Millennial generation. In this groundbreaking work, author Charlie Caruso has amassed a diverse array of papers, articles and journals from prominent individuals, noted entrepreneurs and bestselling authors who collectively explore how Gen Y thinks, interacts and works. Understanding Y gives insight into the generation and examines their motivations and passions.

Understanding Y: #and Y you should provides a refreshingly comprehensive and candid account of the current disconnect between reality and perception surrounding the Millennial cohort.

The impressive list of contributors and collaborators each bring their unique insight to explore the myths, facts and motivators behind this generation. Contributors include notables such as David Burstein, author of Fast Future: How the Millennial Generation is Shaping Our World, Ryan Heath, author of Please F* Off: It's Our Turn Now, Bernard Salt, author, demographer and social commentator; and many more.

  • Discover how to motivate, lead, inform, educate, integrate and collaborate with Millenials

  • Learn what experts have to share about the psychology that drives Millenials

  • Uncover the motivators and passions that excite this up-and-coming generation

  • This is a book that offers anyone who interacts with the Millennial generation a humorous, educational, statistical, theoretical and conversational journey for connecting with Gen Y.

    Table of contents

    1. Acknowledgements
    2. Preface
    3. Chapter 1: The Enigma that is Gen Y
    4. Chapter 2: Y the Misunderstanding?
      1. Generation ‘Me’ narcissists
      2. The ‘selfie’
      3. The role of social media
      4. Entitled Millennials
      5. Unreliable young’uns
      6. DisloyaltY
      7. Spoilt rotten
      8. Disrespectful Ys
      9. Lazy leeches
      10. Totally addicted to tech
      11. High maintenance
    5. Chapter 3: PsycheY
      1. The Gen Y brain
      2. Gen Y and relationships
      3. Gen Y and mental health
    6. Chapter 4: Educating Y
      1. Gen Y.edu
      2. The education game
      3. The Millennials’ ‘special’ approach to learning
      4. Expect much, Gen Y?
      5. Educating Y in the workplace
    7. Chapter 5: Reading into Y
    8. Chapter 6: Media Gen Y
      1. From Babe to ‘Bugger’ … then Britney to Bieber?
      2. The media of Y
      3. The media revolution
      4. Another brick in the (pay) wall
      5. Breaking (up with) news
      6. Blogonauts
      7. The celebritY
    9. Chapter 7: Millennial Communications
      1. The decline of handwriting
      2. Talking Y
      3. GrammaticallY
    10. Chapter 8: Political Y
      1. Educating the Y voter
      2. Solution Y
    11. Chapter 9: Engaging Y
    12. Chapter 10: Y the Social Media Mania?
      1. Social media + news
      2. Social media + politics
      3. Social media in emergencies
      4. The cyberbullY
      5. Social media’s effect on communication
      6. The psychology of social media
      7. Social media addiction
      8. Working social media
      9. Social media as a business strategy
    13. Chapter 11: The Digital Umbilical Cord
    14. Chapter 12: TechnologY
      1. The downside of technology
      2. Gen Y tech inventors
      3. Tech-savvY
      4. The new frontiers of tech
      5. eCareers
      6. Digital dependence
      7. ParticipatorY culture
    15. Chapter 13: EnviromentallY
    16. Chapter 14: GloballY
      1. Who is Gen Y around the world?
      2. Different experiences, but equally connected = similar values
      3. How Australia differs from others
      4. What is next for Gen Y?
    17. Chapter 15: Y Work?
      1. Managing Generation Y
      2. So what does this mean for employers?
    18. Chapter 16: EntrepreneuriallY
    19. Chapter 17: Y Redefine the Metrics of Success
    20. Chapter 18: Start-Up Y
    21. Chapter 19: The Anti-Plan Masters
      1. Portfolio careers
      2. Stepping out — the rise of the entrepreneur
      3. Volunteer work
      4. Targeting employers who support the anti-plan
    22. Chapter 20: Financial Matters (Not)
      1. Y’s spending habits
      2. The propertY market
      3. Y the debt?
      4. WealthY
      5. Investing in the information age
    23. Chapter 21: Leading Y
      1. Building understanding
      2. Adapting your leadership approach
      3. Social intercourse
      4. Explaining the ‘Y’
    24. Chapter 22: Social Consciousness
      1. Innovative campaigns
      2. Gen-erositY
      3. Slacktivism
      4. Working for a better world
    25. Chapter 23: Current and Future Challenges
    26. About the Editor
    27. About the Contributors
    28. Index
    29. Advert
    30. End User License Agreement

    Product information

    • Title: Understanding Y
    • Author(s):
    • Release date: August 2014
    • Publisher(s): Wiley
    • ISBN: 9780730312215