CHAPTER 12 TechnologY

Charlie Caruso

Meet June.

June has the potential to change the world — and the power to save our skin.

June isn't alive yet, and never will be.

June is a bracelet — a very clever bracelet that connects to your smart phone to let you know exactly how much sun exposure you've had each day.

The June bracelet, developed by ‘smart product’ maker Netatmo, keeps track of UV intensity, and will work out the exact amount of sun exposure you need according to your skin type. June reveals the full extent of how the sun is affecting you daily, and will accordingly provide you with skin care tips.

June isn't the future; she is the now.

Clever people around the world are developing devices like June every day. Companies like Netatmo are focused on meeting our growing gadget-obsessed needs.

This love of gadgets is not necessarily a Gen Y phenomenon; we all seem to jump on board when there's a cool new tech invention. Gen Ys might be the first digital natives — but compared to an average four year old, our technological uptake is relatively slow.

Gen Ys grew up alongside the computer. But the life story of the humble PC is like Benjamin Button's: it started life very, very big and comparatively slow. As the PC grew older, it progressively got smaller, thinner, quicker and more ‘agile’. One day soon, it might disappear entirely.

The internet, by its birth year, is another member ...

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