Praise for UX Research

“It’s crucial that product development teams tap into their empathy to deliver better experiences for their customers. UX Research provides practical, feet-on-the-ground guidance for conducting research to inform product strategy and design efforts in any organization.”

Peter Merholz—Design and Product Executive

“Research is rigor. It’s the difference between designing for real humans and just having an opinion. This book will tell you what you need to know about research from the earliest considerations through to the analysis and implementation. It will help you choose the right method and tell you how to execute with lots of great anecdotal information you can only get from people who’ve done the work. It’s also a great reference piece, you’ll be marking the pages and using it over and over.”

Adam Polansky—UX Strategist

“This is the book that I wish we would have written if we would have turned each chapter of A Project Guide to UX Design into its own book. Brad and David take a topic that is frequently not considered as complex and complicated as it is, and they spell it out clearly for you. Even better, they not only tell you what to do, they tell you what not to do based upon their own research and experiences. If you want to get started in research, you need to get your start with this book.”

Russ Unger—Design Leader, Coauthor of A Project Guide to UX Design, Designing the Conversation, and Speaker Camp

“Finally, a book that delves deep into research methods for UX work! Our field needs a book with this level of rigor and detail. Brad and David have written the essential guide to planning, conducting, and evaluating UX research. I suggest you buy a few copies because I guarantee this book will get stolen off your desk.”

Karen McGrane—Managing Partner, Bond Art + Science

“Observation is the door to empathy. UX Research offers practical steps to help you better understand the people you serve, and make better product and business decisions as a result. This is the most comprehensive guide to research I’ve seen in such an accessible format.”

Whitney Hess—Empathy Coach

“This is a soup-to-nuts guide to get the insights you need to make your project a success. The authors have thought of all the little details to make what seems like a simple task go smoothly, and it’s sprinkled with field-tested insights from expert practitioners. Whatever the question was that brought you to this book, you’ll find the answers between these covers.”

Nasir Barday—Principal User Experience Architect, TandemSeven, Inc.

“Practical, right-sized experience research is a vastly undervalued part of product management and design. That’s why UX Research is a welcome and valuable tool. The authors have assembled a rich overview—detailed enough to convey the essentials, but compact and straightforward enough for non-specialists. This is a great resource I look forward to sharing with my business partners and UX peers.”

Andrew Hinton—author of Understanding Context

“Whether you are a university student or a well-seasoned design practitioner, UX Research is a remarkable one-stop shop for understanding the world of user experience research. Brad Nunnally and David Farkas do an exceptional job combining theory, practical takeaways, and anecdotal information from other remarkable practitioners to provide a comprehensive must-have book for every designer.”

Diego Pulido—VP UX Design Lead, JP Morgan Chase

“This is the book I wish I had when I started doing my own research. It distills years of insights, tips, and best practices collected and curated by two seasoned experts in the field. If you’re interested in doing your own research—whether you’ve done it before or not—you can learn everything either by spending years going through trial and error, or by reading this book and knowing that you’re on the right track, doing quality work, and having an impact on your projects, products, and business.”

Donna Lichaw—Author of The User’s Journey

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