Part II. Planning and Preparation

EVERY RESEARCHER IS ONLY as good as their research plan. This plan includes all the areas you’ll want to explore during your research and the various methods you’ll be using. Also, you’ll be preparing for recruiting people to perform the research with and determining where and when you’ll be holding your sessions. All of these things need to be handled so your research goes smoothly and the information you collect is of good quality and will help your team.

Good Research = Good Questions

One of the first steps you’ll need to master as you start getting into UX research is figuring out what questions you need to answer. In Chapter 2 we will show you how to draft a list of questions and iterate on them so you don’t fall into some common pitfalls.

Research Methods: Quantitative and Qualitative

Chapter 3 and Chapter 4 will provide you with a 10,000-foot view of different methods you can use when learning about your users.

Choosing Your Methods

A vast number of methods are available to you, and part of planning your research is figuring out which are right for you and your team. Chapter 5 will guide you through that process.


There are lots of details that go into conducting any form of research, and they differ based on whether you’re doing the research remotely or in person. In Chapter 6 we will cover the logistical items you’ll need to plan for so you’re set up for success.


It’s kind of hard to do research without researchers. In the final ...

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