Virtual Private Network 

NSX Edge supports several types of VPN service, such as SSL-VPN, L2-VPN, and IPsec VPN. They are as follows:

  • SSL VPN-plus: The prime reason someone would go for an SSL VPN connection would be for users (roaming profiles) who need to access private networks that are behind a perimeter device.
  • IPsec VPN: NSX supports site to site VPN between the NSX Edge gateway and most of the third-party IPsec VPN devices.
  • L2 VPN: In the current cloud era, we have a lot of use cases where an on-premises network needs an extension all the way to another site, which can be a private cloud or any other public cloud service, such as vCloud Air, AWS, and Azure. Please don't confuse this with a direct connect solution. Virtual machines in L2 VPN ...

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