108 WebSphere Studio Asset Analyzer for Multiplatforms 3.1
3.9.2 When to invoke the DB2 utilities
The DB2 utility RUNSTATS updates the DB2 catalog tables with statistical information about
data and indexes. Maintaining these statistics is a critical part of performance tuning: DB2
must have correct statistical information to make the best choices for the access path to the
Now is a great time to make sure you remain friendly with the DB2 DBA who is assigned to
work on this project (see 2.3, “Additional support personnel” on page 38). They have the tools
and utilities to help monitor the tables and their use.
3.10 Collecting for the distributed environment
During the inventory process for distributed assets, scanners and analyzers running on a
Windows server identify, analyze, and classify both physical components (such as containers
and files) and logical components (such as classes, methods, and fields). This section of the
redbook helps explain how to take an inventory of distributed assets.The material in this
section is information for the WebSphere Studio Asset Analyzer Windows administrator only.
To take an inventory of distributed assets, you need to perform the following tasks. Each of
these tasks may contain several subtasks.
򐂰 Setting up enterprise servers.
򐂰 Set up the scanners to search your enterprise servers for assets.
򐂰 Starting and stopping the scanner. Maintain the servers and clients and solve any
problems that occur during their use.
All these basic tasks can be found in the manual WSAA Getting Started, SC18-9292, and
customization tasks can be found in the manual WSAA Taking an inventory using WebSphere
Studio Asset Analyzer for Multiplatforms, SC18-9292.
As mentioned earlier, WebSphere Studio Asset Analyzer can search the following enterprise
servers for programming resources:
򐂰 ClearCase versioned object bases (VOB)
򐂰 HFS File systems
򐂰 PVCS configuration-management systems
򐂰 CMVC configuration-management systems
򐂰 CVS configuration-management systems
򐂰 WebSphere Application Server 4.0 A E installation
Note: We cannot show you the output of one of these jobs because we are using a
database that is shared by a number of other groups, and we did not have the opportunity
(nor the authority) to run this batch job.
Important: We recommend that as a matter of routine DB2 housekeeping you invoke the
DB2 RUNSTATS and REBIND utility functions:
򐂰 After each CICS region or IMS subsystem is loaded
򐂰 After each partitioned data set is loaded
This will update all of the table indexes and paths so that DB2 can respond more quickly to
your Web-based queries.

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