Chapter 24Protecting Your Files

Some things on your hard drive are valuable. Pictures and videos from digital cameras are irreplaceable. Documents you spent hours creating required an investment of your time. You don't want to lose those things because of a technical problem or mistake, so keeping backups is a good idea. That way, if you lose the originals on your hard drive, you can easily restore them from your backup copy.

In addition to the files you create and use yourself, many system files reside on your hard drive. These are files that Windows 10 needs to function properly. If those files get messed up, your computer may not work correctly. So, you need some means of backing up those system files as well.

This chapter explains how to back up both your personal files and your system files. (We also cover the ability to save your system settings and configuration to your OneDrive.) Of course, the backups don't do you any good if you can't use them when you need them. So, we discuss how to use those backups if you ever need to get your system back in shape. We also discuss System Protection, which creates restore points to keep copies of some files around temporarily. This feature helps you fix minor mishaps on the spot without fumbling around with external disks.

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