X Window System User's Guide, Vol 3 (The Definitive Guides to the X Window System)

Book description

This book orients the new user to window system concepts and provides detailed tutorials for many client programs including the xterm terminal emulator and the mvm window manager. Once you have a basic knowledge of the system, the later chapters explain how to customize the X environment and provide sample configurations.

The X Window System User's Guide, Motif Edition, reflects X 11 Release 4 and Motif 1.1. Though Motif is not strictly part of the X Window System but a commercial product layered on top of it, it has gained wide acceptance. X users working in a Motif environment will find this edition of the User's Guide contains much useful new information. In particular, the book describes how to use the Motif mwm window manager in conjunction with the standard MIT X clients. It also describes differences between these clients (built with the MIT Athena widget set) and commercial client programs built with the OSF/Motif widget set.

The guide describes:

  • Starting the system and opening the first client windows

  • Using the xterm terminal emulator and the mwm window manager

  • Most standard release clients, including programs for graphics, printing, font manipulation, window/display information and removing the windows, as well as several "desktop" utilities

  • Customizing the window manager, keyboard, display, and certain basic features of any client program

  • System administration tasks, including managing fonts, starting X automatically, and using the display manager, xdm, to run X on a single display or multiple displays

  • The books in the X Window System Series are based in part on the original MIT X Window System documentation but, are far more comprehensive, easy to use, and are loaded with examples, tutorials, and helpful hints. Over 20 major computer manufacturers recommend or license volumes in the series. In short, these books are the definitive guides to the X Window System.

    Table of contents

    1. Cover Page
    2. Title Page
    3. Copyright
    4. Table of Contents
    5. Figures
    6. Examples
    7. Tables
    8. Preface
      1. Assumptions
      2. Organization
      3. Bulk Sales Information
      4. xshowfonts.c and Other Free Programs
      5. Acknowledgements
      6. Font and Character Conventions
    9. Part One: Using X
      1. 1: An Introduction to the X Window System
        1. Anatomy of an X Display
        2. Standard X Clients versus Motif Clients
        3. X Architecture Overview
        4. The X Display Server
        5. Clients
      2. 2: Getting Started
        1. Starting X
        2. Typing In a Window Once mwm is Running
      3. 3: Working in the X Environment
        1. Creating Other Windows
        2. Exiting from an xterm Window
        3. Starting Additional Clients
        4. Putting it All Together
        5. Customizing the X Environment: Specifying Resources
        6. Where to Go From Here
      4. 4: More about the mwm Window Manager
        1. Using Special Keys
        2. Input Focus and the Window Manager
        3. Focusing Input on an Icon
        4. Transferring the Focus with Keystrokes
        5. What to do if mwm Dies and the Focus is Lost
        6. Using the mwm Window Frame
        7. Maximizing a Window
        8. Resizing a Window
        9. The Window Menu Button: Display a Menu or Close the Window
        10. Using the Window Menu
        11. Pointer Commands to Manage Icons
        12. Using the Window Menu on Icons
        13. The Root Menu
      5. 5: The xterm Terminal Emulator
        1. Terminal Emulation and the xterm Terminal Type
        2. Resizing an xterm Window
        3. Using the Scrollbar
        4. Copying and Pasting Text Selections
        5. More About Text Selections
        6. Running a Program in a Temporary xterm Window
        7. The xterm Menus
      6. 6: Font Specification
        1. Font Naming Conventions
        2. Font Name Wildcarding
        3. The Font Search Path
        4. Utilities for Displaying Information about Fonts
      7. 7: Graphics Utilities
        1. Creating Icons and Other Bitmaps
      8. 8: Other Clients
        1. Desk Accessories
        2. Printing Utilities: xwd, xpr, xdpr
        3. Killing a Client Window with xkill
        4. Window and Display Information Clients
        5. User-contributed Clients
        6. Working with Motif Applications
        7. The Motif Scrollbar
        8. Drawn Buttons
        9. Radio Boxes and Toggle Buttons
    10. Part Two: Customizing X
      1. 9: Command Line Options
        1. Window Title and Application Name
        2. Starting a Client Window as an Icon
        3. Specifying Fonts on the Command Line
        4. Reverse Video
        5. Specifying Color
        6. Border Width
      2. 10: Setting Resources
        1. Resource Naming Syntax
        2. Setting Resources with xrdb
      3. 11: Customizing mwm
        1. Activating Changes to the Window Manager
        2. The system.mwmrc File
        3. Setting mwm Resources
      4. 12: Setup Clients
        1. xset: Setting Display and Keyboard Preferences
        2. xsetroot: Setting Root Window Characteristics
        3. xmodmap: Modifier Key and Pointer Customization
        4. Displaying and Changing the Pointer Map
    11. Part Three: Client Reference Pages
      1. Intro Introduction
      2. X The X Window System
      3. Xserver X Window System Server
      4. appres List Application Resources
      5. bdftosnf BDF to SNF Font Compiler
      6. bitmap System Bitmap Editor
      7. listres List Widget Resources
      8. mkfontdir Create fonts.dir Files
      9. mwm Motif window manager
      10. oclock Analog Clock
      11. oclock Analog Clock
      12. resize Reset Terminal for Window Size
      13. showsnf Print SNF File
      14. xauth Authority File Utility
      15. xbiff Mail Notification
      16. xcalc X-Based Scientific Calculator
      17. xclipboard X Clipboard Client
      18. xclock Analog/Digital Clock
      19. xcol Display/Change Color Preferences
      20. xcutsel Cut Buffer/Selection Interchange
      21. xditview Display ditroff Files
      22. xdm X Display Manager
      23. xdpr Dump Window Directly to Printer
      24. xdpyinfo Display Information Utility
      25. xedit Text Editor for X
      26. xev Print X Events
      27. xfd Font Displayer
      28. xfontsel Preview and Select Fonts
      29. xhost Server Access Control
      30. xinit Window System Initializer
      31. xkill Kill a Client
      32. xload Display Load Average
      33. xlogo X Window System Logo
      34. xlsatoms List Interned Atoms
      35. xlsclients List Running Clients
      36. xlsfonts List Available Fonts
      37. xlswins List Window Tree
      38. xmag Magnify Screen Portions
      39. xman Display Man Pages
      40. xmh X Interface to mh
      41. xmodmap Keyboard Modifier Utility
      42. xpr Print X Window Dump
      43. xprop Display Properties for X
      44. xrdb X Server Resource Database Utility
      45. xrefresh Refresh X Screen
      46. xset Display and Keyboard Preferences
      47. xsetroot Set Root Window Characteristics
      48. xstdcmap Define Standard Colormaps
      49. xterm Window Terminal Emulator
      50. xwd Window Image Dumper
      51. xwininfo Window Information Utility
      52. xwud Window Image Displayer
    12. Part Four: Appendices
      1. A: System Management
        1. Including X in Your Search Path
        2. Setting the Terminal Type
        3. A Startup Shell Script
        4. Starting X
        5. Server Access Control
        6. Font Management
        7. Console Messages
        8. Log Files
        9. Changing the Color Name Database
      2. B: Release 4 Standard Fonts
      3. C: Standard Bitmaps
      4. D: Standard Cursors
      5. E: xterm Control Sequences
        1. xterm Control Sequences
      6. F: Translation Table Syntax
        1. Event Types and Modifiers
      7. G: Athena Widget Resources
        1. The Widget Class Hierarchy
        2. Widgets in the Application
        3. What all this Means
        4. Complications
        5. Box
        6. Command
        7. Dialog
        8. Form
        9. Grip
        10. Label
        11. List
        12. MenuButton
        13. Paned
        14. Scrollbar
        15. Simple
        16. SimpleMenu
        17. Sme
        18. SmeBSB
        19. SmeLine
        20. StripChart
        21. Text
        22. Toggle
        23. Viewport
    13. Glossary
    14. Index

    Product information

    • Title: X Window System User's Guide, Vol 3 (The Definitive Guides to the X Window System)
    • Author(s):
    • Release date: September 1988
    • Publisher(s): O'Reilly Media, Inc.
    • ISBN: 9780937175613