Chapter 10: Using the Organizer

The Xcode Organizer, shown in Figure 10.1, appears in a separate window and contains an “and the rest …” collection of miscellaneous features. The Organizer is used for project and device management.

To display the Organizer, select Window ⇒ Organizer in the main menu, or type Shift+Command+1.

You can use the Organizer’s features to manage these things:

  • Development devices
  • Code repositories
  • Active projects

The window uses the standard OS X layout. To select the main features, click the icons at the top. Sub-features appear in groups at the left. The active area fills the rest of the screen. Some features include a separate toolbar at the bottom of the screen, with icons for specific options. Because the Organizer is a grab bag of miscellaneous unrelated options, the UI of each page is different.

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