xs:annotation — Informative data for human or electronic agents.


           id          = xs:ID
           {any attributes with non-schema namespace}
           Content: (xs:appinfo | xs:documentation)*

May be included in: xs:all (outside a group), xs:all (within a group), xs:any, xs:anyAttribute, xs:attribute (reference or local definition), xs:attribute (global definition), xs:attributeGroup (reference), xs:attributeGroup (global definition), xs:choice (outside a group), xs:choice (within a group), xs:complexContent, xs:complexType (local definition), xs:complexType (global definition), xs:element (within xs:all), xs:element (reference or local definition), xs:element (global definition), xs:enumeration, xs:extension (complex content), xs:extension (simple content), xs:field, xs:fractionDigits, xs:group (reference), xs:group (definition), xs:import, xs:include, xs:key, xs:keyref, xs:length, xs:list, xs:maxExclusive, xs:maxInclusive, xs:maxLength, xs:minExclusive, xs:minInclusive, xs:minLength, xs:notation, xs:pattern, xs:redefine, xs:restriction (complex content), xs:restriction (simple type), xs:restriction (simple content), xs:schema, xs:selector, xs:sequence (within a group), xs:sequence (outside a group), xs:simpleContent, xs:simpleType (local definition), xs:simpleType (global definition), xs:totalDigits, xs:union, xs:unique, xs:whiteSpace


xs:annotation is a container in which additional information can be embedded, either for human consumption (with xs:documentation ...

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