xs:complexContent — Definition of a complex content by derivation of a complex type.


           id             = xs:ID
           mixed          = xs:boolean
           {any attributes with non-schema namespace}
           Content: ((xs:annotation?), (xs:restriction | xs:extension))

May be included in: xs:complexType (local definition), xs:complexType (global definition)


This element allows you to define a complex content model by derivation of a complex type. It is not a component by itself (complex contents are not named), but rather the declaration of an intention to define a complex content model by derivation.

The derivation method is not defined by the xs:complexContent element itself, but by the choice of its child element (xs:restriction for a derivation by restriction, or xs:extension for a derivation by extension).

This element can be used to define if the content model is mixed or not—but this information can also be defined in the xs:complexType parent element, which has also a mixed attribute.

The mixed nature of the content model defined by xs:complexContent attribute is dependent on the derivation method and on the base type. If the base type is mixed, it can be restricted to become elements only; otherwise the mixed nature of the base type cannot be changed.


A base type whose elements cannot be extended to be mixed.


<xs:element name="author"> <xs:complexType> <xs:complexContent> <xs:extension base="basePerson"> <xs:sequence> <xs:element ref="dead" ...

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