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How do I use Search?

  • "Terms in double quotes" — the terms have to be matched in sequence to return results.
  • AND, OR, NOT. The query john OR jon matches documents containing either of the two names. The query java NOT javascript matches documents containing java and not containing javascript.
  • Parentheses ( ) are useful for grouping terms.
  • Prefix a field with a colon (:) to restrict your search to that field:
    • author:C matches authors having the initial “C” in their names (but not books about C).
    • author:“John Smith” matches authors named “John Smith” unless they have a middle name.
    • author:John Smith matches authors called “John” whose books contain the word “Smith” anywhere.
    • publisher:Bantam matches publishers called “Bantam”.
    • publisher:O’Reilly Media Inc (no quotes) matches publishers called “O’Reilly” where "Media" and "Inc" occur anywhere in the same document.
    • title:(chicken soup code) matches titles with all three words chicken, soup, and code. A book titled “Code Soup: when developers play chicken” would match, for example.
    • title:“chicken soup code” matches books with those three words in sequence such as “The Chicken Soup Code Manual”.
    • publisher:O’Reilly text:java matches books published by O’Reilly having “java” in their text.

How do I use the O’Reilly app?

The O’Reilly app allows you to take your online learning with you on the go. Download as many books and videos as you would like. Start reading on one device, and pick up where you left off on another, with effortless syncing of highlights and position. Discover new content to add to your playlists.

The O’Reilly app offers the full breadth of videos and books available with your O’Reilly subscription. O’Reilly interactive trainings such as Orioles, Live Online Trainings, and some Learning Paths are supported only through a web browser.

You must have an active O’Reilly account created after July 2014. If you are an O’Reilly customer who joined before July 2014, please use our Safari To Go app, also available in the App Store and Play Store.

How do I use the Playlists feature?

The Playlists feature helps you organize lists of content from anywhere in your online learning experience. Playlists replaces the Queue feature. For our Enterprise customers, you can share a playlist with anyone in your organization once you’ve created it.

If you used the Queue feature before, you’ll find all of your queued items in a playlist called “Queue.” You can create a new playlist from anywhere within your O’Reilly experience.

To create or manage a playlist from the Playlists page:

  • Select “Playlists” from the left navigation. That will take you to the Playlists page.
  • Click the red “Create Playlist” button in the upper right corner
  • Add a name and optional description of your playlist
  • Once you’ve created a playlist, you can add to it by using the Playlists icon as you’re engaging with content, anywhere across O’Reilly
  • From this page, you can also choose to edit the details of an existing playlist, delete a playlist, or reorder and remove titles from your playlists

To create or manage a playlist from anywhere:

  • Click on the Playlists icon from any content you’d like to add to an existing playlist, or that you’d like to use to start a new playlist
  • Add a name and optional description if you’re creating a new list, or if you’re adding to an existing list, just click on the name of the list and the content will be added automatically

To share a playlist (Enterprise Only):

  • Sharing a playlist is easy. Start by selecting the “Share Settings” option from your playlist
  • Copy the URL for your playlist and share in the way that works best for you—through email, Slack, of whatever your preferred method of internal communication
  • Once you set a playlist to “Shared”, anyone in your organization with the URL can access and follow it. No one outside of your organization will be able to see it.

To follow a playlist (Enterprise Only):

  • If you’d like to follow a shared playlist in your organization, click on the “Follow Playlist” button underneath the playlist
  • Your followed playlists will show up in your list of playlists
  • If you’d like to unfollow a playlist, just click on “Unfollow Playlist” underneath the playlist at any time

You can update your playlists at anytime, from anywhere in your experience. Your playlists will sync automatically with your mobile apps so that you’ll always have the content you want at your fingertips. And don’t forget to keep your app up-to-date to ensure you’re always seeing the latest Playlists experience.

Why can’t I find the exercise files for a book or video?


Books or videos that refer to working/exercise files will often mention the location of these files in a chapter at the beginning or end of the book, or in an early clip if it’s a video. If you can’t find those files, please check the publisher’s website (for example, O’Reilly hosts all exercise files on our media site), or get in touch with us and we’ll do our best to find them for you.

We’re aware this a less-than-ideal solution and are working on providing you with these links directly in O’Reilly online learning.

Why can’t I find the Tutorial I had started?

  • Tutorials have been removed from our platform in favor of a newer, more robust content format - Learning Paths.
  • We understand a change like this can be difficult but we're committed to bringing you the best learning experiences we can and think you’ll find more value in our Learning Paths format, which in addition to covering much of the same content, also cover new and emerging topic areas as well.
  • Learning Paths are similar in that they’re built for structured, immersive learning but with many Learning Paths, you'll also get more recent content across a variety of both text and video, plus formative self-assessments to help you better retain new information and develop your skills fast.
  • To find a Learning Path that meets your needs, you can search for a subject area or keyword and then filter by Format. Or, you can browse the Learning Paths landing page.

Can I access content while I’m offline?


Yes, the O’Reilly mobile app for iOS and Android allows for offline reading and caching.

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