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January 2023

How do we celebrate the New Year at O’Reilly? With a whole lot of new stuff. Take a look at what we’ve got for 2023.

AWS cloud labs*

Our new AWS Sandbox and our first batch of AWS labs are ready for you to jump into. And we’ve got many more coming soon.

*For enterprise and team accounts

New navigation

It’s now easier than ever to find your way around O’Reilly. Our new top-bar navigation provides a cleaner look and quick access to key areas of the platform.

Course selector

With our new course selector, you can instantly zero in on the essential courses for a job role or skills for a tech discipline you want to learn.

AI search

Our next-gen search provides personalized results based on your learning history, and the new expandable results for books and videos offer more details at a glance.

Superstream page

2023 will be a banner year for Superstreams, and now you can see all the upcoming Superstreams in one place. Find it under “What’s New” in the top navigation bar.

New and upcoming

Check out the next round of Superstreams to learn what’s next in platform engineering, the super cloud, data lakes and warehouses, application security, and so much more.

Into software architecture? Listen in to each of Neal Ford’s hour-long conversations with experts from the past year, and join the next one live as he and Mark Richards discuss their popular book Fundamentals of Software Architecture.

Did you know?

You can read O’Reilly books before they’re even published and available to the general public. Check out our early release titles to get a sneak peek at what’s next in tech.

October 2022

We’re heading into the home stretch of 2022, but our developers aren’t slowing down! Check out what’s new on the O’Reilly learning platform.

Audiobooks on mobile

Take learning on the go with audiobooks on mobile. With the newly enhanced player on our mobile apps, you can listen while you browse, use playback controls from your lock screen, plug into Apple CarPlay and AirPlay or Google Chromecast, and more.

Live events

Want to quickly find your next favorite event? Check out the new “Recommended for you” section—it’s personalized based on your platform activity. Found a cool event that’s already in progress? No problem! You can join the conversation with just the click of a button. (Don’t worry about what you missed before joining—you’ll get a recording of the entire event to review later.)

Architectural Katas

The next challenge kicks off October 25! At Architectural Katas, teams come up with a solution that best solves a real problem, and our all-star lineup of judges give feedback and pick winners. Compete or just watch—the choice is yours.

Upcoming Superstreams

Have you attended a Superstream yet? These live online events pack a tech conference into just four hours. Check out these last sessions of the year to get an insider’s look at operationalizing Kubernetes, software architecture and data, and MLOps.

Did you know?

Our experts are updating their best-performing playlists to feature the latest and greatest resources—now including some of their recent live events.

July 2022

Dog days of summer? Not for O’Reilly’s developers. Take a look at what’s new on the O’Reilly learning platform.

Cloud labs (for enterprise and teams)

It’s official. We’ve got over 80 new Azure cloud labs (and more on the way). For accounts with access to our interactive learning content, cloud labs join our lineup of tools you can use to get hands-on practice—including labs (formerly scenarios) to build new skills with step-by-step guidance, challenges to apply those skills with no guidance (just hints), and sandboxes to experiment in a safe environment.

On-demand courses

Our editorial team has curated on-demand courses that sync up with the essential skills you need for today’s top IT roles. And you can track your progress.

Live events

Real-time captions are now available during live events and in recordings. And you can include live events in the playlists you create for a more immersive custom-curated learning experience that you can share with your teams.

Playlist enhancements

Want to organize or contextualize your playlist items? You can now create section headers and item-level notes. To see these enhancements in action, take a look at how our editorial team used them in these resource center playlists.

Mobile app updates

Want dark mode for iOS or Android? You’ve got it. Just head over to Settings > Appearance and tap the dark mode toggle. And, sharing and saving content just got easier for iPad users. Simply drag a piece of content from the O’Reilly app and drop it wherever you need it—like in your notes, an email, or one of your playlists.

Apple app store Google play store

Upcoming Superstreams

Join us at the next round of Superstreams—our live online conferences packed into just four hours. You’ll get an insider’s look at the latest in MLOps, AWS, data pipelines, Linux, zero trust, and software architecture fundamentals.

Did you know?

You can easily share valuable information from a book with your peers. Just highlight the text, click Share Link, and send the copied link over. They’ll be taken directly to the highlighted section.

April 2022

Whether spring is springing or fall is falling in your neck of the woods, we’ve got new features and tools that will help you reach your learning goals. Take a look.

Reader enhancements

The reader is where the learning happens, so we’re always looking to improve it. You can now pin the table of contents and keep it open while you scroll through a book. Plus, chapters and subsections in the table of contents are now condensed and expandable for quicker navigation. And it’s even easier to add, edit, and delete highlights as you read.

New audiobooks

We’ve added 1,500 new audiobooks in technology, business, and leadership topics from top publishers like Harvard Business Review, McGraw Hill, and O’Reilly. Add your favorites to a playlist—and save important chapters to playlists while you listen.

Architectural Katas

It kicks off May 24! The Architectural Katas challenge lets teams come up with a solution that best solves a real problem. Then an all-star lineup of judges join Neal Ford to give feedback and pick the winner. Whether you want to compete or just want to watch, it’s an incredible learning opportunity.

Upcoming Superstreams

Our next round of Superstream events will give you an insider’s look at the latest in distributed computing, NLP in production, analytics engineering, cloud security, zero trust, and more. Don’t miss out.

Did you know?

You can find live events in the Recently Added module on your home page. Grab a seat to an event and add it to your calendar before they both fill up.

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