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April 2021

It’s spring in our part of the world, and we’re springing forward with a shower of new features and events to celebrate. Take a peek.

Conversations with experts

Access to the experts? You got it. Join industry leaders like Neal Ford, Sam Newman, and their guests in a casual virtual setting each month. They’ll chat about the latest developments in their fields and answer your questions.

Architectural Katas

It’s back! Whether you’re joining a team or just want to watch, the Architectural Katas challenge is an incredible learning opportunity. An all-star lineup of judges join Neal Ford to give feedback and pick the team with the winning architecture solution that best solves a real problem for an organization working for social good. The next one starts April 21; register now.

New Superstream events

Miss rubbing shoulders with alpha geeks and innovators at a conference? Check out our upcoming live online Superstream events. You’ll get an insider’s look at the latest tools and technologies to help you stay ahead of the curve.

New interactive scenarios, sandboxes, and notebooks

Hands-on learning is not only the fastest way to learn a new technology—it’s also essential for being able to actually apply what you’ve learned. That’s why we’re hyperfocused on delivering both new and improved interactive learning experiences and tons of fresh content too.

The newly redesigned Interactive Learning module on your home page makes it easy to discover top sandboxes, scenarios, and Jupyter notebooks. And there’s always something new, with over 40 new titles added since January.

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Surveys show certification pays. We’ve got your back. Study for certification exams using an actual interactive test that teaches you as you take it. That’s the power of these three new Pearson Practice Tests.

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January 2021

It’s a new year and you’ve got new goals. Or, maybe like a lot of us, you’re still working on a few old ones. Either way, a new approach may be just what you need for a successful 2021. And O’Reilly can help. We’ve always got something new—here’s a taste:

TV apps

Pop some popcorn and get cozy on the couch—you can now view all O’Reilly videos, Superstream events, and Meet the Expert sessions on Roku and Amazon Fire TV.

Roku Payers and TVs Amazon appstore

New Superstream series

Miss the thrill of meeting tech’s innovators at a conference? Check out our upcoming live online Superstream events. You’ll get an insider’s look at the latest tools and technologies to help you stay ahead.

Software Architecture Hour

Join us for our second Software Architecture Hour with Neal Ford. This new monthly event gives you the opportunity to ask Neal and his guest questions and learn about the trends and developments that are influencing architecture. Bring your own snacks. (It’s virtual.)

Live courses for Asia-Pacific time zones

Don’t set your alarm. We’re making it easier for our Asia-Pacific members with live online courses scheduled to be convenient for your time zone.

See the upcoming courses

Get ahead in 2021 by getting certified

According to Global Knowledge, tech professionals with at least one certification make 7% more than their noncertified colleagues. Get the study materials and practice exams you need to confidently prepare for certification from AWS, Cisco, (ISC)², CISSP, Google Cloud, Microsoft (Azure), Oracle, Red Hat, and more.

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Experts’ picks in the new year

Jumpstart your new year—our experts share the best resources available in playlists that cover everything from Kubernetes to microservices to being a tech leader. New playlists are added all the time.

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New scenarios

Roll up your sleeves and try one of our guided interactive scenarios. Most take 15 minutes or less and they let you play with the code safely right in your browser. We’ve added over 60 new scenarios in the past few months, so there are plenty to choose from.

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October 2020

Trying to suss out everything that’s new on O’Reilly can feel like drinking from a fire hose. We pull out the highlights for you here so you can pick out the new content and features that matter most to you. There’s a lot that’s new. And we like it that way. (We think you do too.)


Have to solve an urgent problem? We’ve got thousands of books that can provide the answer—maybe even the exact code snippet—you need. But that’s a lot of pages to search through. With O’Reilly Answers, just ask a question and our advanced natural language processing engine scans through O’Reilly titles to find the specific content that answers your question. Try it out. (But be careful. It’s a little addictive.)

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Assignments (Enterprise only)

Assignments are a great way to help managers and project leads keep team members on top of the technologies that drive your business. Tailor individual or group assignments with resources that live both within O’Reilly online learning and outside of it, all in one place. It’s easy to assign content to one team member or several and change or add to your assignments. You can even follow their progress.

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Superstream series

Miss the thrill of hearing the latest in tech at a conference? Check out our upcoming live online Superstream sessions. You’ll get an insider’s look at the tools and technologies that will help you stay ahead. And you can watch videos from the ones you missed.

Enhanced search experience

We’ve enhanced our search experience so you can easily browse by format to quickly find the best content for you. Simply select a format tab, such as books, videos, or learning paths, then filter and sort your results to find exactly what you’re looking for.

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New interactive scenarios

Learn by coding in a safe live dev environment. We’ve added over 160 new guided scenarios in the past few months, covering Kubernetes, Docker, Java, Go, and Python as well as frameworks and libraries like Angular, Spring, and scikit-learn.

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July 2020

There’s so much new on O’Reilly (and so much more coming). Don’t miss any of these recent features and enhancements:

Welcome to the 21st Century

As we all collectively navigate the changes brought on by the pandemic, Tim O’Reilly’s Welcome to the 21st Century looks ahead and explains how you can build robust strategies to take on uncertainty. His four-part series, 21 Technologies for the 21st Century, looks at the technologies he considers most important for reshaping the world in coming decades. Together, these pieces will give you an insightful look at how we can “surf the waves of change rather than being swept away by them.”

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Superstream series

Miss the thrill of hearing the latest in tech at a live conference? Check out our new live online Superstreams. Each event offers unique sessions and only runs for four hours—no boarding pass required. You’ll hear from leading innovators and get an insider’s look at the latest tools and technologies to help you stay ahead.

Sandboxes and scenarios

Learn by coding in a safe, live environment. We’ve added over a dozen new interactive sandboxes and are constantly adding new scenarios, which you can now find through search and the Topics page. And you can add them to a playlist for quick access to your favorite coding environments.

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Resource centers

Explore over a dozen new resource centers, from beginner to expert level, handpicked by O’Reilly editors in Kubernetes, JavaScript, C#, Azure, fintech, and more.

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