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When you need a quick solution you can put to work fast, just ask O’Reilly Answers. It’s an advanced natural language processing engine that instantly scans thousands of titles to find and highlight the snippet that can save the day. Just ask and you shall find.


Available to teams enterprise

O’Reilly assignments are a great way for enterprise accounts to ensure team members are on top of the technologies that drive business forward, and can help get new hires up to speed fast.

Just give the details of an assignment for context, add the content you want your team to review, and assign it to individual members. It’s easy to edit assignments at any time, and you can follow the progress for each assignee to know who’s on track and who could use a nudge.

Certification practice exams

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Taking an actual test is the most helpful way to study for a certification exam, which is where practice exams come into play. They’re interactive and customizable, and you can track your performance on a module-by-module basis to get immediate feedback that helps you focus on areas for improvement.

Each exam offers three modes designed to help you prepare:

  • Study Mode works as a study guide to evaluate your knowledge. There are answers and full explanations for each question, and you have the option to NOT time yourself so you can study at your own pace.
  • Practice Exams give you the chance to take a simulated timed practice test.
  • Flash Cards provide the questions WITHOUT multiple choice answers for a true test of your mastery.


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As you read a book, you can highlight important text and take notes to refer back to later. To see your highlights, expand the Your O’Reilly menu and select Highlights from the dropdown.

Interactive learning

Available to individuals teams enterprise

Hands-on learning is the fastest way to truly grasp a new tool or technology. With our interactive content, you can get hands-on experience with cloud platforms and tech like Kubernetes, Python, Docker, Java, Linux, SQL, and more. There’s nothing to set up to get started—just write and run code as you learn, right in your browser.

  • Labs guide you through how a technology works within a live dev environment so you can recognize how to solve issues you might encounter in the real world.
  • Cloud labs are available within teams and enterprise accounts and provide step-by-step expert guidance within a real cloud platform account. See cloud lab specifications.
  • Challenges prompt you to try applying the skills you've learned within real dev environments, but without the hand-holding you get in a lab, only hints if you get stuck.
  • Sandboxes offer a secured configured environment to start playing around with and exploring technologies. It’s great for experimenting and trying samples.


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Build your own playlists to keep content organized, and make them public to share with coworkers or all O’Reilly members. And check out other shared playlists—from collections your colleagues have put together to expert playlists of content leading innovators recommend to recommended playlists based on the topics you follow. You can update your playlists at any time, from anywhere in the learning platform.

And playlists you created or follow auto-sync with the mobile app—so you’ll always have the content you want at your fingertips. Just remember to keep your app up-to-date to ensure you’re always seeing the latest playlists experience.


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Personalized recommendations are based on the content you’ve read, watched, or listened to. The more you explore, the better we get at making customized recommendations, so you see more content that’s relevant to you. You can find them on your home page, profile page, and recommendations page.


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Search by title, author, publisher, or keyword—and filter your results by format, topic, publisher, and/or rating. From there you can sort by relevance, date added, or publication date.

Tips for using search:

  • Put terms in double quotes (“”)—the terms have to be matched in sequence to return results.
  • Use AND, OR, and NOT. The query john OR jon matches documents containing either of the two names. The query java NOT javascript matches documents containing java and not containing javascript.
  • Prefix your search with a field followed by a colon (:) to restrict your search to that field:
    • author:C matches authors having the initial “C” in their names (but not books about C).
    • author:“John Smith” matches authors named “John Smith” unless they have a middle name.
    • author:John Smith matches authors called “John” whose books contain the word “Smith” anywhere.
    • title:(chicken soup code) matches titles with all three words chicken, soup, and code. A book titled Code Soup: When Developers Play Chicken would match, for example.
    • title:“chicken soup code” matches books with those three words in sequence such as The Chicken Soup Code Manual.


Available to individuals teams enterprise academic

Know someone who might benefit from content you’ve found? Send them the URL. If they have an O’Reilly account, they’ll go directly to the content you sent them. If they don’t have an account, they’ll see a small snippet.


Available to individuals teams enterprise academic

Follow the topics you’re most interested in for quick access to these topic pages and recommended playlists based on what you follow.

Your O’Reilly profile

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Your profile page is your personalized learning hub, with quick access to your recommendations, history, playlists, live events, and more. You can easily access it by clicking the Your O’Reilly icon found on any page of the learning platform.

Digital badges

Available to enterprise

Digital badges are a visual symbol of a learner’s accomplishments. O’Reilly’s badges, issued through our partner Credly, are shareable and contain a verifiable set of metadata about achievements that are in accordance with the Open Badge 2.0 standard.

  • How do I earn a badge?

    O’Reilly live and on-demand courses are eligible. Learners must complete 80% or more of the provided course content, and courses that include a final quiz require a score of 70% or higher.

  • What is Credly?

    We’ve partnered with Credly to provide an end-to-end solution for issuing and managing digital credentials. Learn more about Credly here.

  • How will I know if I’ve earned a badge?

    When you’ve met the completion criteria you’ll see a notification directly in the course you’ve completed or on your O’Reilly Profile page. O’Reilly will also provide an email notification with instructions for accepting your badge.

  • How do I view all the badges I’ve earned?

    Head to your O’Reilly Profile page, where they’re listed under Your badges.

  • Is there a certificate of completion too?

    Yes, each issued badge has a complementary certificate of completion. Clicking on the View badge button (on your Profile page) will bring you to the badge page on Credly, where you’ll see the certificate listed under the Share button > Publish section > Download Certificate.

  • What are the best ways to share my badges?

    Depending on your immediate professional and career goals, there are a variety of steps you’ll likely want to take. For ideas and how-to steps, head here.

  • How can I add my badge to my LinkedIn profile and share to my feed?

    It’s easy. Just follow the suggested steps here.

  • I have a question about Credly. Where can I find support?

    You can find tutorials and answers to additional questions here.

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