Momentum Trading and Trading the Moment

If you have attended the Advanced Charting seminar and have studied this manual, you are now familiar with the methodologies of this powerful charting system. Thousands of closed trades by Advanced Charting graduates are proof of the accuracy of this charting method. If you want to validate this, go to

Regardless of what Compound Stock Earnings (CSE) technique a client chooses to trade—be it covered calls, LEAPS, credit spreads, SSHs, momentum trades, or trading the moment—Advanced Charting increases the returns of the technique due to the greater accuracy of chart interpretation to time the entry and exit of positions.

CSE has raised the bar again with the introduction of Advanced Charting streaming data charts. Imagine having a streaming data charting system where pricing data for stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and indexes are streaming into the charting system in real time. What does that mean? That means you can watch the price tick move up and down according to the heartbeat of the market and the heartbeat of every stock, ETF, or index. Imagine watching volatility strengthen and weaken according to the marketplace. The methodologies of chart interpretation are the same as in Advanced Charting, but now it is streaming, so a trader can watch the indicators moving up and down to enter and exit trades.

In fact, according to client surveys, the application of Advanced Charting streaming ...

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