CASE STUDY Affect in the aviation industry

This case study is about Brisbane Airport, a major international airport serving over 20 million passengers annually. It decided to engage at an emotional level to better understand foreign passenger groups. This case study focuses on emotionally benchmarking and understanding a foreign customer group in order to gather insights from their passenger experience. The results were then analysed, translated and implemented within the organisation to produce the world’s first departure card app, catering to international travellers’ needs.


There has been a resurgence in the tourism industry of Australia, giving rise to innovation efforts in this field. One such effort is specifically focusing on digital channels to enrich the travellers’ experiences, due to the changing expectations of travellers. To date the focus has been on smart technology advancements through personalisation, context awareness and real-time monitoring.

Over a decade ago (in 2006), Tourism Australia launched the campaign ‘So where the bloody hell are you?’ after spending over AU$180 million on its creation. It featured various Australian characters preparing for international visitors to their towns, from pouring them a beer in an outback pub to model Lara Bingle emerging from the clear-blue water of Fingal Island in a bikini, asking the rest of the world, ‘So where the bloody hell are you?’ The controversial campaign was banned by ...

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