Mid-Chapter Mixed Review

Determine whether each of the following statements is true or false.

  1. The x-intercept of the line that passes through (23, 32) and the origin is (23, 0). [1.1]

  2. All functions are relations, but not all relations are functions. [1.2]

  3. The line parallel to the y-axis that passes through (−5, 25) is y=5. [1.3]

  4. Find the intercepts of the graph of the line 8x+5y=40. [1.1]

For each pair of points, find the distance between the points and the midpoint of the segment having the points as endpoints. [1.1]

  1. (−8, −15) and (3, 7)

  2. (34, 15) and (14, 45)

  3. Find an equation for a circle having center (−5, 2) and radius 13. [1.1]

  4. Find the center and the radius of the circle (x3)2+(y+1)2=4. [1.1]

Graph the equation.

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