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Art and Design in Photoshop

Book Description

Fancy designing your own classic and contemporary movie posters, books and magazine covers?

Feel like turning your photographs into works by Turner, Matisse and Magritte?

Want to create illustrations in the styles of The Simpsons, steampunk and Victorian engravings?

Then you need Art and Design in Photoshop.

In this unique book, acclaimed master of photomontage and visual trickery Steve Caplin shows you how to stretch your creative boundaries. Taking the same tried-and-tested practical approach as his best selling How to Cheat in Photoshop titles, Steve's step-by-step instructions recreate a dazzling and diverse array of fabulous design effects. You'll learn how to design everything from wine labels to sushi cartons, from certificates to iPod advertising, from textbooks to pulp fiction.

Written by a working pro, the clear guidelines pinpoint exactly what you need to know: how to get slick-looking results with minimum fuss, with a 16-page Photoshop Reference chapter that provides an at-a-glance guide to Photoshop tools and techniques for less experienced users. Steve explains both typography and the design process in a clear, informative and entertaining way.

All the images, textures and fonts used in the book are supplied on the accompanying CD-ROM. Imaginative, inspirational and fun to use, this book is a must-have for every creative Photoshop user, both amateur and professional.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Full Title
  3. Copyright
  4. Contents
  5. Introduction
  6. How to use this book
  7. 1 Typography
    1. Serif fonts
    2. Sans serif fonts
    3. Picking the wrong font
    4. Picking the right font
    5. Size and arrangement
    6. Designing with type
    7. Customizing film logos
    8. Monogram letters
    9. Font smoothing
    10. Don’t try this at home
    11. Finding and using fonts
  8. 2 Principles of design
    1. Facing in and out
    2. The focus of attention
    3. The strong diagonal
    4. The rule of thirds
    5. Perspective: the horizon
    6. Reading perspective
    7. Foreground elements
  9. 3 Contemporary design
    1. Digital grids
    2. Stencil graffiti
    3. Line art: simplified
    4. Line art: crosshatching
    5. Cut paper montages
    6. Outline and fill
    7. iPod advertising art
    8. Pixel art
    9. Simpsons cartoon
    10. Caricature
    11. Steampunk
    12. Line action and texture
  10. 4 Poster design
    1. Victorian playbill
    2. Russian revolutionary
    3. Bauhaus
    4. Art Deco
    5. Boxing promotion
    6. Western movies
    7. Science fiction
    8. 1950s B movies
    9. Horror movies
    10. Comedy movies
    11. French art house
    12. Film noir
    13. Romantic comedy
    14. Apocalyptic thriller
    15. Psychedelia
    16. Swinging sixties
    17. Motivational
    18. Museum exhibitions
  11. 5 Works on paper
    1. Ransom notes
    2. Medieval manuscripts
    3. Bank checks
    4. Paper in perspective
    5. Certificates
    6. Picture postcards
    7. Postage stamps
    8. Old newspapers
    9. Album covers
  12. 6 Books and magazines
    1. 1950s horror comics
    2. Glamor magazines
    3. Victorian periodicals
    4. News periodicals
    5. Pulp fiction
    6. Thrillers
    7. Chick lit
    8. Historical non-fiction
    9. Children’s reference
    10. Textbooks, old and new
    11. Mystic and inspirational
    12. Adolescent fiction
  13. 7 Great works of art
    1. Thomas Gainsborough
    2. J. M. W. Turner
    3. Georges Seurat
    4. Paul Cézanne
    5. Henri Matisse
    6. Piet Mondrian
    7. Pablo Picasso
    8. Henry Moore
    9. René Magritte
    10. Salvador Dalí
    11. Francis Bacon
    12. Roy Lichtenstein
    13. Andy Warhol
    14. Bridget Riley
    15. Jeff Koons
  14. 8 Packaging
    1. Pharmacy cartons
    2. Flat artwork into 3D
    3. Cereal boxes
    4. Wine labels
    5. Action figure box
    6. Container perspective
    7. Soup cans
  15. 9 Any other business
    1. Credit cards
    2. Carving in stone
    3. Stained glass windows
    4. Quick and dirty neon
    5. Writing under water
    6. Fabric badges
    7. Button badges
    8. Leather work
    9. Enamel pin badges
    10. Bling bling
    11. www.wrong
  16. 10 Photoshop reference
    1. Selection tools
    2. Painting tools 1
    3. Painting tools 2
    4. Working with layers
    5. Layer styles: basics
    6. Layer styles: metal
    7. Adjusting images
    8. Working with text
    9. What’s on the CD
  17. Index