CHAPTER 7The AI Marketing Platform

From 1:1 marketing to the 360o view of the customer, marketing technology has struggled mightily to get all our customer data eggs into one basket. Getting to know customers personally turned out to be a bigger challenge than we thought.

There are marketing technology firms adding AI to underpin their current offerings—some who are building AI‐based systems from the ground up, and those who are building generic AI systems and inviting you to take over their education.

Be warned: The tools and abilities listed below are but a snapshot in time. They are a momentary look at the world as it exists. A quick look at Chapter 11, “What Tomorrow May Bring,” will give you an idea about how fast change is coming.

Let me repeat: This is not an exhaustive catalog of cutting‐edge technologies, but it's very useful for understanding the possibilities.


The unique, fundamental value of using tools you already have made by vendors you already know is how quickly you can take advantage of the skills your people already have against the data you've been collecting for a while. If your company has been using a piece of software or software‐as‐a‐service, you can expect vendors to onboard their own AI accessories soon—some sooner than others.

Salesforce now has Einstein baked in. “Einstein is like having your own data scientist to guide you through your day.”

The three most‐valuable and most‐used outcomes of including AI will ...

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