Chapter 14

Utilizing the AI-Driven Car


check Seeing the path to self-driving car autonomy

check Imagining the future in a world of self-driving cars

check Understanding the sense-plan-act cycle

check Discovering, using, and combining different sensors

A self-driving car (SD car) is an autonomous vehicle, which is a vehicle that can drive by itself from a starting point to a destination without human intervention. Autonomy implies not simply having some tasks automated (such as Active Park Assist demonstrated at, but being able to perform the right steps to achieve objectives independently. An SD car performs all required tasks on its own, with a human potentially there to observe (and do nothing else). Because SD cars have been part of history for more than 100 years (yes, incredible as that might seem), this chapter begins with a short history of SD cars.

remember For a technology to succeed, it must provide a benefit that people see as necessary and not ...

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