Chapter 20

Ten Ways in Which AI Has Failed


check Comprehending the world

check Developing new ideas

check Understanding the human condition

Any comprehensive book on AI must consider the ways in which AI has failed to meet expectations. The book discusses this issue in part in other chapters, giving the historical view of the AI winters. However, even with those discussions, you might not grasp that AI hasn’t just failed to meet expectations set by overly enthusiastic proponents; it has failed to meet specific needs and basic requirements. This chapter is about the failures that will keep AI from excelling and performing the tasks we need it to do to fully achieve the successes described in other chapters. AI is currently an evolving technology that is partially successful at best.

remember One of the essential issues surrounding AI today is that people keep anthropomorphizing it and making it into something it isn’t. An AI accepts cleaned data as input, analyzes it, finds the patterns, and provides a requested output. As described in the sections of this chapter, an AI doesn’t understand anything, ...

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