Electronic Instruments


14-1 Introduction

14-2 Components of the Cathode-Ray Oscilloscope

14-3 Cathode-Ray Tube

14-4 Time-Base Generators

14-5 Measurements Using the Cathode-Ray Oscilloscope

14-6 Types of Cathode-Ray Oscilloscope

14-7 Sweep Frequency Generator

14-8 Function Generator

14-9 Sine Wave Generator

14-10 Square Wave Generator

14-11 AF Signal Generator


This final chapter discusses the key instruments of electronic measurement with special emphasis on the most versatile instrument of electronic measurement—the cathode-ray oscilloscope (CRO). The objective of this book will remain unrealized without a discussion on the CRO. The chapter begins with the details of construction of the CRO, and proceeds to examine ...

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