Chapter 3. Best Apps For Leisure

Best Apps For Leisure

Photo: Maerten Prins

Best Apps For Leisure

As you saw in the first two chapters, you can find all kinds of apps for doing business or getting information when you’re out and about. You might even get the impression that the App Store is full of no-nonsense tools that make you more efficient when you’re on the go, but that have little to offer when it comes to downtime. That, fortunately, is not the case.

Extrovert or introvert, the App Store is loaded with programs that let you connect with the world or explore your artistic side. Into social networks? From Facebook to Bump, apps keep you linked into personal and professional communities in new ways.

When you’re done socializing, you can spend some quiet time catching up on your reading. Whether your tastes run to books and literature or to fast-moving headlines from the world of news, sports, and media, apps can snag the latest best-seller right out of the air, bring you video of events happening halfway around the world, and show you the hockey scores.

You can also exercise your creativity. Apps that let you rock out and make art abound. Into images, moving or otherwise? Check out this chapter’s suggestions to enhance photos, make movies, and watch the tube. There are even apps that let you expand your mind. Read your ...

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