Hacking the Drizzle box

The previous Drizzle unboxing initiated a Truffle workspace along with a ReactJs project located under the src/ folder. Here are the steps to follow in order to adapt this example to our needs.

First, copy the tontine.sol file into the contracts/ folder and remove the other existing contracts, except for Migration.sol and tontine.sol.

Then edit the 2_deploy_contract file (as we did in the "truffle quick start" and "Truffle unit tests" section), and substitute the existing deployment script with the following:

var Ctontine = artifacts.require("Ctontine");var Cplayer = artifacts.require("Cplayer");deployer.deploy(Cplayer).then(function() {    return deployer.deploy(Ctontine, Cplayer.address);}).then(function() { })

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