Brand Advocates: Turning Enthusiastic Customers into a Powerful Marketing Force

Book description

Praise for Brand Advocates

"Ignite your Advocates! Fuggetta shows you how."

—SCOTT MONTY, Head of Social Media, Ford

"Creating and amplifying authentic Advocates should be front and center on every marketer's agenda. This book is a blueprint for how to turn genuine Advocates into a powerful marketing force."

—SUSAN HELSTAB, Executive Vice President of Marketing, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

"Advocacy is the ultimate goal for every brand. And Rob Fuggetta has given us the ultimate guidebook to brand advocacy. Simple, clear, and filled with practical advice, this book shows you how to turn your enthusiastic customers into a powerful Brand Army."

—PORTER GALE, former Vice President of Marketing, Virgin America

"In an era of connected consumerism, advocacy puts the word in word of mouth. Nothing is more authentic or effective. This book shows you exactly how to find and engage your advocates."

—BRIAN SOLIS, Principal Analyst, Altimeter Group, and author, The End of Business as Usual

"Inspiring Advocates is one of Method's seven obsessions. Get this book and be inspired. Highly recommended!"

—ERIC RYAN, Cofounder, Method

"Fuggetta's equation for building great brands in the social media age is proven and powerful. Every hotel marketer should read this book."

—CHIP CONLEY, Founder, Joie De Vivre Hospitality, and author, Emotional Equations

"Brand Advocates is a book every public relations professional should read. It's the definitive guide to authentic advocacy."

—AEDHMAR HYNES, Chief Executive Officer, Text 100 Public Relations

"Companies aren't trusted, brands aren't trusted, and nor are your executives. People trust each other, and now they have the tools to communicate with each other using social technologies and mobile, with or without brands involved. As a result, trust has shifted to the participants. Many brands, knowing their credibility has diminished, rely on advocacy programs where trusted members of the community are given a platform and encouraged to speak. Fuggetta shows you exactly how to create an advocacy program that empowers your trusted Advocates."

—JEREMIAH OWYANG, Partner, Altimeter Group

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Praise for Brand Advocates
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright
  5. Dedication
  6. Acknowledgments
  7. Introduction
    1. Turning Advocates into Marketers
    2. You Can Do This, Too
    3. What You'll Learn
    4. Why I Wrote This Book
    5. How This Book Is Organized
    6. Your Advocate Army Is Ready. Are You?
  8. Section One: Understanding Brand Advocates
    1. Chapter 1: What's a Brand Advocate, Anyway?
      1. The Power of Brand Advocates
      2. Billions of Brand Advocates
      3. Advocates All Around Us
      4. Consumers Trust Advocates, Not Ads
      5. Different from Fans and Followers
      6. Money Can't Buy Advocates' Love
      7. Beyond Loyalty
      8. Social Media Amplify Advocates
      9. Top 10 Things Advocates Will Do for You
      10. Advocates for Life
      11. Proactive Recommenders
      12. Most Passionate Advocates
      13. Off-the-Charts Engagement
      14. Visible Advocates
      15. Hidden Advocates
      16. Active Advocates
      17. Brand Advocates Are Players (in a Good Way)
      18. Can't Keep a Secret
      19. Advocacy Moves Online
      20. You Don't Need to Own It to Recommend It
    2. Chapter 2: Not All Advocates Are Equal
      1. Influence Matters Most
      2. Measuring Advocate Influence
      3. Creating Power Advocates
      4. Measuring Advocate's Klout
      5. Starbucks Melody
    3. Chapter 3: What's a Brand Advocate Worth?
      1. Proof in Advocacy Pudding
      2. Estimating the Value of an Advocate
      3. Three Examples
      4. Conservative Estimate
      5. Apple of Roy's Eye
    4. Chapter 4: Five Proven Ways (and One Shocking Way) to Create More Brand Advocates
    5. Chapter 5: Advocate Personas
      1. Sally Seller
      2. Ed Expert
      3. Chris Creator
      4. Sonny Sharer
      5. Hay Floats Microsoft's Boat
  9. Section Two: The Power of Advocate Marketing
    1. Chapter 6: Unleashing Brand Advocates: An Out-of-the-Box Approach
      1. Selling with Advocates
      2. Trusted Advocates
      3. Sustainable Marketing Force
      4. Authentic Advocacy
      5. Word of Mouth Marketing at Scale
      6. Advocacy Drives Growth
      7. Advocacy and the Consumer Decision Journey
      8. Beyond Listening and Engagement
      9. The Three R's of Advocacy
      10. Three Major Advocacy Benefits
      11. Traditional Marketing Model
      12. The “Triangle of Trust”
      13. Fair Exchange of Value
      14. Maintaining Balance
      15. Betting Against Beacon
      16. Not an Either/Or
      17. Advocacy in the Online Purchase Path
  10. Section Three: Advocacy Goes Vertical
    1. Chapter 7: Advocacy Sells Soap (and Other Consumer Products)
      1. Dirtiest Apartment in San Francisco
      2. A Sea of Sameness
      3. Advocacy Is Method for Success
      4. Energizing Method Advocates
      5. Peetniks Share their Passion for Peet's Coffee
    2. Chapter 8: Restaurants Cook Up Success with Advocacy
      1. Power of Restaurant Word of Mouth
      2. Turning Happy Diners into Marketers
      3. Rubio's Unleashes Its Advocates
      4. Advocacy is Delicious for
    3. Chapter 9: Advocates Shape Up Fitness Club Sales
      1. Fitness Marketing Hurdle
      2. Advocates Pump Up Fitness Marketing
      3. Large Fitness Company Activates Its Advocates
      4. Advocates Are the X Factor
      5. Anytime Advocates
    4. Chapter 10: Advocates Drive Auto Sales
      1. Top Benefits of Advocacy for Auto Marketers
      2. GMC Fuels Advocacy
      3. Advocacy Drives Ford
      4. MINI's Top Salesman
    5. Chapter 11: Advocacy Powers Up Software Sales
      1. The Power of Advocacy in Software
      2. Unleashing Software Advocates
      3. Why Advocate Marketing Is Powerful in Software
      4. Advocacy in a Parallels World
      5. Tiger versus 3.5 Million Toothpicks
    6. Chapter 12: Activating B2B Advocates
      1. Power of B2B Advocacy
      2. It's All about Trust
      3. Boosting B2B Marketing
      4. VerticalResponse Advocates Make the Leap
      5. CDW Gets Advocacy
      6. Energizing Passionate Customers
      7. Beyond Ratings and Reviews
      8. The Queen of QuickBooks
    7. Chapter 13: Advocates Rack Up Sales for Hotels and Airlines
      1. Beyond Reviews
      2. Four Seasons of Advocacy
      3. Circus Circus Advocates Don't Clown Around
      4. TRYP by Wyndham Unleashes Advocates
      5. Joy of Advocacy
      6. Airlines Take Flight with Advocates
      7. JetBlue Airways
      8. Virgin America Airlines
      9. Cruise's Virgin America
      10. Qatar Airways
    8. Chapter 14: Advocacy Moves CE Boxes
      1. Advocacy's Influence Grows in CE
      2. Advocacy Powers CE
      3. Online Ratings Dominate in CE
      4. CE Companies Power Up Advocates
      5. DVR Manufacturer Records Ratings and Sales
      6. Ooma Turns to Advocates
  11. Section Four: Advocate Marketing Playbook
    1. Chapter 15: Advocate Marketing Playbook Overview
      1. Advocate Flow
    2. Chapter 16: Identifying
      1. Three Ways to Identify Advocates
      2. Asking the Ultimate Question
      3. Advocates, Detractors, and Passives, Oh My!
      4. What's Your Net Promoter Score?
      5. Growth by Advocacy
      6. Turning Promoters into Profits
      7. One Percent NPS, but Millions of Advocates
      8. Ask Often
      9. Where to Find Advocates
      10. During Product Usage
      11. When to Ask
      12. Moments of Delight
      13. Pulling the Trigger
      14. Keep It Short
      15. What Else to Ask
      16. Where to Start
      17. Who to Ask
      18. Should You Use an Incentive?
      19. Finding Advocates in the Social Media Jungle
      20. Growing Your Advocate Army
      21. Set It and Forget It!
      22. But Wait, There's More!
    3. Chapter 17: Energizing: Boosting Online Ratings
      1. Silent Killers
      2. Dumb Ideas
      3. A Five-Star Solution to Bad Reviews
      4. Advocates to the Rescue
      5. Webroot Boosts Online Ratings
      6. Webroot Identifies Advocates
      7. Webroot Advocates Boost Online Ratings
    4. Chapter 18: Energizing: The Power of Advocate Stories
      1. Different from Reviews
      2. Advocates Love Telling Stories
      3. Creative Uses of Advocates' Stories
      4. Three Strategic Uses for Advocates' Stories
    5. Chapter 19: Energizing: Advocates Have the Answers
      1. How Advocate Answers Works
      2. Results
      3. Where Advocate Answers Fit Best
    6. Chapter 20: Energizing: Sharing the Love
      1. Three Key Benefits of Advocate Sharing
      2. Share This!
      3. Advocacy Goes Viral
      4. Most Valuable Sharing
      5. How Social Sharing Works for Advocacy
      6. How Advocates Share
      7. Most Efficient Sharing Channels
      8. Top 10 Tips for Advocate Sharing
    7. Chapter 21: Mobilizing
      1. Mobilizing Advocates for Product Launches
      2. Real-World Examples
      3. Advocate Seeding Program
      4. Five Steps in an Advocate Seeding Program
      5. Mobilizing Advocates During Social Media Crises
      6. Two Important Things to Know about Social Media Crises
      7. Brand under Attack? Fight Back!
      8. But What If There Is No Advocate Cavalry?
      9. Mobilize Advocates to Boost Promotions
      10. Takin' It to the Streets
      11. Other Ways to Mobilize Advocates
      12. Best Practices for Mobilizing Advocates
    8. Chapter 22: Tracking
      1. Using NPS to Track Advocacy
      2. Where NPS Falls Short
      3. Introducing Advocate Analytics
      4. Three Questions Advocate Analytics Answer
      5. Advocate Profiles
      6. Advocate Activity
      7. Advocacy Results
      8. Measuring Advocacy Value
      9. How Much Convincing Do You Need?
      10. Total Advocacy Value
      11. Sales Value
      12. Measuring Sales Value Is Straightforward
      13. Using CLV to Estimate Sales Value of Advocacy
      14. CLV Challenges
      15. Media Value of Advocacy
      16. Peer Influence Analysis Model
      17. Media Value of Trusted Impressions
      18. $300 CPM for Word of Mouth?
      19. Another Way to Value Recommendations
      20. Return on Advocacy
      21. Z Score
    9. Chapter 23: Engaging Advocates
      1. Don't Just Listen
      2. Educating Advocates
      3. How Often to Engage Advocates?
      4. Advocate Community?
    10. Chapter 24: Rewarding
      1. Money Can't Buy Real Advocacy
      2. No Money Down
      3. Why Paying for Advocacy Is a Dumb Idea
      4. Wine Down
      5. Jaffe and Fuggetta Smack-Down
    11. Chapter 25: Energizing 2.0
    12. Chapter 26: Advocacy Curve
      1. Social Media Adoption Curve
      2. Advocacy Adoption Curve
      3. The ROI Dividing Wall
      4. Plot Yourself on the Advocacy Curve
      5. Crossing the Advocacy Chasm
      6. Demand Gen Catapults Advocacy across the Chasm
      7. Advocacy Will Go Mainstream When…
  12. Section Five: Putting Advocacy to Work for You
    1. Chapter 27: Launching Advocacy
      1. Three Steps to Launch
      2. Creating an Advocacy Plan
      3. Advocate Marketing Plan Outline
      4. Technology Readiness (1 to 2 weeks)
      5. Advocacy by the Numbers
      6. B2C Consumer Electronics Example
      7. B2B Example
      8. B2C Bed and Breakfast Example
      9. Five Secrets to Advocacy Success
      10. Seven Fatal Advocacy Mistakes
      11. Why Not Dive In?
      12. Using a Pilot to Inform Advocacy Plans
      13. Test Your Advocacy Readiness
      14. Four Ways to Energize Potential Advocates
    2. Chapter 28: An Open Letter to CMOs (and Other Marketers)
      1. Fitness Club Ignores Advocates
      2. Social Media Hangover
      3. Get Social or Die
      4. Advocacy: Social Media's Sweet Spot
      5. Your Customers Are Way Ahead of You
      6. Moving the Dollars
  13. Index

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  • Title: Brand Advocates: Turning Enthusiastic Customers into a Powerful Marketing Force
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: July 2012
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781118336540