Brilliant Psychometric Tests

Book Description

Most people will experience psychometric testing at some time or another when applying for a job and many fail to make the best of the opportunity to showcase their talents. Brilliant Psychometrics seeks to turn this around by providing practical help to anyone undertaking formal assessment procedures at interview.

It explores psychometric tests, assessment centres and other formal procedures such as structured interviewing. It explains what these procedures are, informs candidates what their rights are and what they should expect in terms of advance information and feedback. The book is full of examples showing what psychometrics look and feel like and illustrative stories showing things to watch out for.

Based on the author’s practical experience of over forty years of testing candidates from barmen to spacemen, chief executives to double-glazing salespeople, it provides candidates with all the insight they need to feel fully prepared and confident when faces with psychometric testing.

Product Information

  • Title: Brilliant Psychometric Tests
  • Author(s): Dr. Robert Edenborough
  • Release date: April 2010
  • Publisher(s): Pearson Business
  • ISBN: 9780273723462