Chapter 5Bluetooth Programming in NXT-G and LabVIEW

The Lost Scrolls of Robotics: #5

I am not a gun.

—Iron Giant, Iron Giant

NXT-G is a graphical programming language for MINDSTORMS NXT based on LabVIEW and the G language (yes, the G in NXT-G). It was developed by LEGO and National Instruments (NI) to “streamline” and “make simple” but also keep some of the programming power of LabVIEW. NXT-G is meant to appeal to school children with no experience programming or interacting with robots. But the LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT platform, NXT-G, and LabVIEW for LEGO MINDSTORMS are also being used by university students.

In this chapter we will discuss the Bluetooth communication blocks in the NXT-G and LabVIEW for MINDSTORMS environments. In Chapter 2 we introduced ...

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