Building a Web Site For Dummies®, 3rd Edition

Book description

Whether you’re in the preliminary stages of planning a site or you’re looking to improve the look of an existing site, this reference book covers it all. Now updated with the latest site tools, design techniques, and commerce options, this new edition of the bestseller offers a solid framework for building a Web site from scratch. Packed with all the essentials to help make your site the best it can be, this resource goes beyond just basic design and page building to show you how to incorporate both of those elements into a successful site.

Veteran author David Crowder spills the secrets to planning and creating an effective site from the ground up. You’ll decipher ways to transform a bunch of seemingly random web pages into a coherent web site and you’ll discover myriad ways to make your site look and sound amazing.

This updated third edition features content on designing with CSS, using the latest version of Dreamweaver, and applying Web analytics and promotion techniques. In addition, the book covers topics such as:

  • Keeping a site fresh and exciting

  • Designing a look that appeals to your intended audience

  • Determining your Web page structure

  • Incorporating color, images, graphics, music, and video

  • Merging CSS and HTML

  • Planning usable navigation

  • Providing guestbooks and message boards

  • Designing for e-commerce

  • Getting set up with PayPal, Google Checkout, E-cash, etc.

The accompanying CD-ROM provides trial versions of software that is used in the book as well as sample templates and graphics for Web building. Once you start referring to Building a Web Site For Dummies, 3rd Edition, you’ll wonder how you ever existed without this invaluable information!

Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.

Table of contents

  1. Copyright
  2. About the Author
  3. Author’s Acknowledgments
  4. Publisher’s Acknowledgments
  5. Introduction
    1. About This Book
    2. How to Use This Book
    3. Foolish Assumptions
    4. Conventions Used in This Book
    5. How This Book Is Organized
    6. About the CD-ROM
    7. Icons Used in This Book
    8. Where to Go from Here
  6. Planning and Designing Your Web Site
    1. The Zen of Sites
      1. Achieving Unity: What Makes a Site Truly a Site
      2. Keeping Them Coming Back
      3. Tapping Creativity
      4. Online Sources for Creative Thinking
    2. Pouring the Foundation
      1. Drafting a Plan
      2. Examining Page-Building Programs
      3. Designing the Look of Your Site
      4. The Big Rules for Planning Your Site
      5. Online Sources for Web Design
  7. Building Your Site
    1. Web Page Construction 101
      1. Tagging Along with HTML
      2. Determining Your Web Page Structure
      3. Getting Wordy
      4. Using Color
      5. Creating Links
      6. Picturing It: Using Images
      7. Online Sources for Web Page Building
    2. Working with WYSIWYG
      1. Creating the Basic Page in Dreamweaver
      2. Online Sources for WYSIWYG
    3. Cascading Style Sheets
      1. Merging CSS and HTML
      2. Selectors, Classes, and IDs
      3. Redefining Elements
      4. Contextual Selectors
      5. Layers
      6. Online Sources for CSS
    4. Designing for Site Navigation
      1. Planning Usable Navigation
      2. Adding a Search Function
      3. Showing the Way with Navigational Tools
      4. Online Sources for Improving Site Navigation
  8. Adding Sparkle to Your Site
    1. Getting Graphic
      1. Getting Graphics — for Free!
      2. Putting Your Graphics on a Diet
      3. Creating a Logo with
      4. Editing Images
      5. Basic Design with Images
      6. Online Sources for Quality Graphics
    2. Plugging In Scripts and Applets
      1. Making Sure That You Have CGI Access
      2. Adding CGI Scripts
      3. Incorporating JavaScripts
      4. Dropping In Java Applets
      5. Online Sources for Scripts and Applets
    3. Web Sights and Sounds
      1. Getting Music and Video
      2. Picking a File Format
      3. Compressing Files
      4. Adding Audio and Video Files to Your Site
      5. Online Sources for Web Audio and Video
  9. From Blogs to Toons — Good Content Makes Contented Visitors
    1. Letting ’Em Have Their Say
      1. Providing Guestbooks
      2. Creating Message Boards
      3. Giving Visitors the Gift of Gab
      4. Online Sources for Adding Community to Your Site
    2. Bloggin’ the Night Away
      1. Adding Blogger to Your Site
      2. Bloggin’ on Bravenet
      3. Online Sources for Blogs
    3. Using Content Providers
      1. Running’s Random Riddles
      2. Adding Bogglers to Your Web Page
      3. Placing Quotations on Your Site
      4. Setting Up on Your Site
      5. Providing Weather Forecasts on Your Site
      6. Chowing Down at
      7. Online Sources for Content
  10. Raking In the Bucks
    1. Stalking the Wild Dollar: Internet Commerce
      1. Learning the Real Secret to Internet Success
      2. Designing for E-Commerce
      3. Online Sources for Internet Commerce
    2. Kaching! Kaching! Gettin’ Paid
      1. Checking Out Online Payment Methods
      2. Getting a Merchant Account
      3. Building on a Business Platform
      4. Converting Currencies
      5. Online Sources for Merchant Services
    3. Examining Affiliate Programs
      1. Yeah, Sure It’s Free
      2. Can I Join?
      3. Profiting from Your Program
      4. Running Your Own Affiliate Program
      5. Online Sources for Affiliate Programs
  11. Publishing and Publicizing Your Site
    1. Letting the World In: Choosing a Host and Domain Name
      1. Going Live: Choosing a Host
      2. Keeping It Cheap: Free Web Site Providers
      3. Getting Your Own Domain Name
      4. Online Sources for Web Hosting and Domain Registration
    2. Publicizing Your Site
      1. Working Keywords into Your Pages
      2. Submitting to the Search Sites
      3. Checking Your Search Site Position
      4. Investigating Reciprocal Linking
      5. Online Sources for Getting the Word Out about Your Site
    3. Web Aerobics: Tuning Up Your Site
      1. W3C HTML Validation Service
      2. Checking Those Links
      3. Testing Your Site with NetMechanic
      4. Online Sources for Fine-Tuning Your Site
    4. Keeping in Touch with Visitors
      1. Using Autoresponders
      2. Opt-In Newsletters
      3. Keeping Visitors Updated about Changes to Your Site
      4. Trying Out Form and Poll Makers
      5. Privacy and Security
      6. Online Sources for Visitor Communications
  12. The Part of Tens
    1. Ten Great Places to Get Advice
      1. Bizy Moms
      2. Cozahost Newsletter
      3. geek/talk Forums for Webmasters
      4. grammarNOW!
      5. Kasamba
      8. The Small Business Advisor
      9. Web Developer’s Journal
      10. Website Tips
    2. Ten Fabulous Tools for E-Commerce
      2. DMA Privacy Policy Generator
      3. ECommerce Guide
      4. HumanClick
      5. MapQuest
      6. osCommerce
      7. S&H greenpoints
      8. SYSTRAN Translation Software
      9. TRUSTe
      10. WorldPay
    3. Ten More Great Add-Ins
      1. @watch
      2. Crossword Compiler
      4. GeoPhrase
      5. Leonardo
      6. localendar
      7. Merriam-Webster Online
      8. SuperStats
      9. Tell A Friend
  13. Appendixes
    1. Glossary
    2. About the CD
      1. System Requirements
      2. Using the CD with Microsoft Windows
      3. Using the CD with Mac OS
      4. What You’ll Find on the CD
      5. Troubleshooting
      6. Customer Care
  14. Wiley Publishing, Inc. End-User License Agreement
  15. Building a Web Site For Dummies®, 3rd Edition
    1. The Seven Rules of Site Design
    2. Web Site Design Tips
    3. CGI/Perl Resources
    4. Miscellaneous Resources
    5. HTML Resources
    6. Java and JavaScript Resources

Product information

  • Title: Building a Web Site For Dummies®, 3rd Edition
  • Author(s): David A. Crowder
  • Release date: October 2007
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9780470149287