* (asterisks), configuring PCMCIA, Configuration
2.4GHz spectrum, Site Survey
3D maps, plotting points on, Plotting the Points on a 3-D Map
amplifiers and, Power Amps and the Law
cards for building gateways on Linux, Hardware
channel frequencies, Hot Spots
IEEE Standards Committee specifications for, Wireless Community Networks
problems with, The Problem
wide area network saturation, Wide Area Network Saturation, Power Amps and the Law


Access Control tab (AirPort), WEP, MAC Filtering, and Closed Networks
access points (APs), Hardware Requirements, Using Access Points, Channel Spacing, Two APs Back-to-Back
caveats, Access Point Caveats, Access Point Caveats
hardware, Access Point Hardware, Access Point Hardware
Linux, managing software for, Access Point Management Software, Bridging
nonadjacent channels, using, Hot Spots
software for managing, Access Point Management Software
wireless infrastructure and, Wireless Infrastructure: Cathedral Versus Bazaar
ad-hoc (see peer-to-peer networks)
adapters for antennas, Antenna Characteristics and Placement
AirPort (see Apple Airport)
AirPort Admin utility, managing access points, Access Point Management Software, Bridging
amplifiers, Power Amps and the Law
increasing transmission power, The Problem
Andrew (microwave cabling), Cabling
characteristics and placement of, Antenna Characteristics and Placement, Power Amps and the Law
connectors, Connectors, Connectors
line of sight for, The Problem
point-to-point links and, Point-to-Point Links ...

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